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Documentation technique destinée aux professionnels de l'informatique qui ont recours aux produits, outils et technologies Microsoft pour gérer et déployer Windows.

Liste et liens de téléchargement des sessions Ignite 2019

Yannick PlavonilYannick Plavonil

[ADM10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Onboarding and setup: Getting the most out of Microsoft 365
[ADM20] [VIDEO] Addressing top management issues with users and groups
[ADM30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Incident communications at cloud-scale: How Microsoft 365 is improving when things go wrong
[ADM40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using analytics to maximize your Microsoft 365 value
[ADM50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing across tenant boundaries in Office 365
[ADP10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximize the value of Microsoft 365: Understanding adoption and change management
[ADP20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking success in digital transformations: Getting employees to (really) adopt new technology
[ADP30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Increasing productivity through analytics
[ADP40] [VIDEO] Champions for success! Building a champions program for your organization
[ADP50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lead change: Become a Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist
[AFUN10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering Microsoft Azure
[AFUN20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure networking basics
[AFUN30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering Azure tooling and utilities
[AFUN40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure security fundamentals
[AFUN50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Storing data in Azure
[AFUN60] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exploring containers and orchestration in Azure
[AFUN70] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping costs down in Azure
[AFUN80] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What you need to know about governance in Azure
[AFUN90] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure identity fundamentals
[AFUN95] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Figuring out Azure Functions
[AIML10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making sense of your unstructured data with AI
[AIML11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Developers guide to AI: A data story
[AIML20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using pre-built AI to solve business challenges
[AIML30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Start building machine learning models faster than you think
[AIML40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking models to the next level with Azure Machine Learning best practices
[AIML50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Machine learning operations: Applying DevOps to data science
[APPS10] [SLIDES] Options for building and running your app in the cloud
[APPS11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure and the command line – options, tips and tricks
[APPS20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Options for data in the cloud
[APPS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernizing your application with containers
[APPS40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service
[APPS50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking your app to the next level with monitoring, performance, and scaling
[BRK001] [VIDEO] Empowering every developer to innovate with Microsoft Azure
[BRK002] [VIDEO] Azure Data: Unmatched price-performance and limitless capabilities wherever your data lives
[BRK003] [VIDEO] Azure AI: Powering new possibilities for every organization
[BRK004] [VIDEO] Create more value for your business on Azure infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge
[BRK006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build unified data strategies to drive AI for customer, product and market insights
[BRK007] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empower everyone in your organization to drive digital transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK008] [VIDEO] Modern management: How/why you do it now
[BRK009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams
[BRK010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Navigate data protection and risk management in the cloud era
[BRK011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Security for your entire environment
[BRK1000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Surface: Innovating for the Intelligent Workplace
[BRK1005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transforming collaboration with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
[BRK1007] [VIDEO] Lessons learned from implementing real-world machine learning solutions: Common patterns and best practices
[BRK1008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Visio roadmap: Now and beyond
[BRK1009] [VIDEO] Machine learning simplified: From ideation to deployment with Azure Machine Learning
[BRK1010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get more done with Microsoft Planner
[BRK1011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tasks at Microsoft: Creating a coherent ecosystem
[BRK1012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of Microsoft Project is here
[BRK1013] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A look at what’s new in Windows 10 Pro and modern devices
[BRK1014] [VIDEO] Secure your edge with the new, most secure Windows 10 PCs
[BRK1017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What do I do next? Managing asks and tasks with Microsoft 365
[BRK1018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Embrace digital transformation with Office 365: See how customers use O365 features to work more effectively together and learn about the latest with AI and collaboration in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
[BRK1019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] State of the browser: Microsoft Edge
[BRK1020] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Sandbox: Execution of Software in Isolation
[BRK1021] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hidden stories of the tech trenches, and how *YOU* can help
[BRK1022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Recognize exclusion, design for inclusion
[BRK1023] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five steps to maximize generational diversity in your modern workplace
[BRK1025] [VIDEO] Imposter Syndrome banishing spell
[BRK1026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] An introvert’s guide to the IT industry
[BRK1027] [VIDEO][SLIDES] From battlefield to breaking barriers: My journey from the US Marines to a career in tech
[BRK1029] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Real-world ways to promote diversity and inclusion in your organization with Yammer and Microsoft Teams
[BRK1030] [VIDEO][SLIDES] My two left feet, or, how life as a competitive dancer has made me a better PM and human
[BRK1031] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building inclusive workplaces: Supporting coworkers with autism
[BRK1032] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Art x technology for good
[BRK1033] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Mental health: It’s time to talk
[BRK1034] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with Flow Approvals
[BRK1035] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Governance: The forgotten key to managing cloud
[BRK1036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Everyday governance and etiquette in Microsoft Teams
[BRK1037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Let’s build a knowledgeable chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Bot Services, and QnA Maker
[BRK1040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Real customers, real challenges, and the real power of Microsoft Threat Protection
[BRK1041] [VIDEO] Built in and cloud powered – elevate your endpoint security with Microsoft Defender ATP
[BRK1043] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making the most of out-of-box approvals in SharePoint Online
[BRK1044] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to improve your UX with a deck of cards
[BRK1045] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five powerful tips to make the most of your mentor/mentee relationship
[BRK1046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-203 | Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
[BRK1047] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
[BRK1048] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MS-900 | Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
[BRK1050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: DP-100 | Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
[BRK1051] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: DP-200 | Implementing an Azure Data Solution
[BRK1052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MS-101 | Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security
[BRK1053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Certification 101
[BRK1054] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Threddy and the dinosaurs: A software engineer’s tale about how a visit to a paint studio changed his career and life
[BRK1055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Military veterans in tech panel: Workforce of tomorrow offers more diversity
[BRK1056] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Breaking the mold: The tech career journey guide
[BRK1057] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecting an elegant data management strategy with Rubrik
[BRK1058] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Make data protection a partner to your automation workflows
[BRK1059] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving engineering culture change at Microsoft: An experimental journey
[BRK1060] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Women in cybersecurity and risk panel
[BRK1061] [VIDEO] Empower yourself through personal branding: How a shy introvert turned awkwardness into confidence
[BRK1062] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #DreamCrazier in the world of tech: In conversation with Nike
[BRK1063] [VIDEO] Modernize your Dynamics 365 business applications using mixed reality
[BRK1065] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to manage governance and automation in Teams for Education
[BRK1066] [VIDEO] Collaboration on the go with the Microsoft Teams mobile app
[BRK1069] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empower your Firstline workforce with Microsoft Teams
[BRK1070] [VIDEO] Accelerating your IT career
[BRK1073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365
[BRK1074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Announcing Bing Maps Geospatial Analytics Platform Preview for Enterprise Business Planning
[BRK1076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Future of work: Workforce evolution and human cloud
[BRK1077] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline your business processes with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK1078] [VIDEO] Being a social developer
[BRK1079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery mistakes to avoid
[BRK1080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Fostering health team collaboration with Microsoft Teams
[BRK1081] [VIDEO] Artificial intelligence in an age of social responsibility
[BRK1082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 customer success stories: Implementation best practices with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement customers
[BRK1084] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure + Power Apps: Build web and mobile apps amazingly fast on Azure SQL with low-code
[BRK1085] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transforming the way retailers do business online
[BRK1086] [VIDEO] Microsoft’s security team is changing the training playbook
[BRK1087] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building end-to-end blockchain solutions with Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Azure Blockchain Service
[BRK1088] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving growth and transformation with Microsoft IoT
[BRK1089] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating Impact Today with Microsoft Quantum
[BRK1090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Teams + Power Apps: Three ways you can deeply customize Teams with low-code
[BRK1091] [VIDEO] From order takers to innovators: IT of the future
[BRK1092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Marketing panel discussion and Q&A
[BRK1094] [SLIDES] Disability and innovation: The universal benefits of inclusive design
[BRK1095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Futureproofing against bias in tech
[BRK1096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Future Generations: It Takes a Village: Nonprofit + Community Partners
[BRK1098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Product Insights: Gain real-time insight into how your customers use your products
[BRK1099R] [VIDEO] Microsoft Ignite 101: Make the most of your experience (REPEAT)
[BRK1099] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Ignite 101: Make the most of your experience
[BRK1100] [VIDEO] Streamline your business process on Microsoft Teams: Code-less integrated application with chatbot
[BRK1101] [VIDEO] Bringing your whole self to work: How diversity ignites our innovation, presented by Accenture and Avanade
[BRK1102] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MB-900 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
[BRK1103] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer success and roadmap for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Applications
[BRK1104] [VIDEO][SLIDES] You’re never alone: what community means to people in tech
[BRK1105] Customer success stories and implementation best practices from customers who are live with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
[BRK1106] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams
[BRK1107] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Closing the Skills Gap – A Panel Discussion
[BRK1109] Driving adoption of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1110] Digital transformation journey with Microsoft 365: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1111] Managing the cultural shift to a digital workplace: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1112] So you’ve deployed Microsoft Teams, now what?: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1113] Balancing security with how modern end users want to work: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1114] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Turbocharge your infrastructure with AMD EPYC®
[BRK1117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving demand for digital process automation with Nintex and Microsoft, a GM Financial success story
[BRK2001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s amazing and new in calendaring in Outlook
[BRK2002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] There is a new Outlook on the web: See what’s new, fresh, and exciting
[BRK2003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get ahead with Outlook mobile: Intelligent technology that helps you stay on top of your day
[BRK2005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Outlook for Mac – re-invented!
[BRK2006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SQL Server from ground to the cloud
[BRK2007] [VIDEO] Running upgrades for mission critical SQL Server
[BRK2008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine reimagined
[BRK2009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database Edge: Overview
[BRK2010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database Managed Instance: A fully managed SQL Server in the cloud
[BRK2011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database serverless: Providing autoscaling and optimized price-performance for your database workloads
[BRK2012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in security for Azure SQL
[BRK2013] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Raising the bar again for Azure SQL Database with Centrally Managed Encryption
[BRK2014] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Knowledge mining: AI-driven content understanding with cognitive search on Azure
[BRK2015] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Introducing Form Recognizer for AI driven information extraction from forms
[BRK2016] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Machine Learning and open source: Designed for each other
[BRK2017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding enterprise readiness for machine learning solutions
[BRK2018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Responsible AI: Building trustworthy, secure and transparent machine learning
[BRK2019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Choosing the best language for your machine learning solution: From R to Python
[BRK2020] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating a model factory with automated machine learning
[BRK2021] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecting and implementing governance across your Azure subscriptions
[BRK2022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer Perspectives: Unlocking Workplace Productivity with Microsoft Search in Bing
[BRK2024] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Planner in Microsoft 365
[BRK2025] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The power of the new Microsoft Project and Microsoft 365
[BRK2026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Project for the web – Reporting and Dashboards
[BRK2027] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deep dive on the new Microsoft Project
[BRK2034] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: AI-powered experiences in Microsoft 365
[BRK2035] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft 365: Empowering everyone with AI
[BRK2036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Scheduler: Hand off the time-consuming task of scheduling to your AI assistant
[BRK2037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Workplace Analytics can supercharge agility in your company with Organizational Network and Topic Analysis
[BRK2038] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlock your data and transform your organization with workplace intelligence (roadmap and demos)
[BRK2039] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Workplace Intelligence and Microsoft AI helps accelerate transformation for you, your team and your organization
[BRK2040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discover how a large Fortune 500 customer used workplace intelligence to drive digital transformation (customer panel)
[BRK2041] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Be your best self with workplace intelligence and Microsoft AI
[BRK2046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Monitor fundamentals: What, why, and how
[BRK2048] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Admin Center: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2049] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint spaces and mixed reality
[BRK2050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn why SAP customers with leading brands and large mission critical landscapes are migrating their SAP to Azure
[BRK2051] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: Security and compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive
[BRK2052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint and OneDrive administration
[BRK2053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365
[BRK2055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking business insights for SAP data with Azure Data Services, AI/ML, and Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK2056] [VIDEO] Embrace Office 365 Groups: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2058] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deploy Office 365 groups at scale to power Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer, and SharePoint
[BRK2059] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data residency with Office 365 datacenters
[BRK2060] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft 365 admin center
[BRK2061] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring to work for your organization
[BRK2062] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tokenize all the things: Deep dive on tokenizing digital and physical assets with Azure Blockchain
[BRK2063] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s the latest with Azure Cosmos DB
[BRK2064] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Why developers love Postgres
[BRK2065] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Innovations to boost productivity with Azure-managed MySQL, Postgres, and MariaDB databases
[BRK2066] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Grab Taxi and Bentley Systems: Leveraging real-time insights offered by Azure Stream Analytics for business innovation
[BRK2068] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How DNV GL uses Kubernetes for machine learning and enterprise-wide microservice oriented apps
[BRK2071] [VIDEO] Increase your .NET productivity with Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac
[BRK2072] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Cloud native applications with .NET Core and Azure Kubernetes Service
[BRK2073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Create amazing web apps with ASP.NET Core
[BRK2074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging tips and tricks in Visual Studio 2019
[BRK2075] [VIDEO] Visual Studio Online: A look at the future of developer productivity and collaboration
[BRK2076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to use GitHub effectively in your company
[BRK2077] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ship it! Build for any platform with Azure Pipelines, and make shipping fun and stress-free
[BRK2078] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Less stress, more success: Tips and tricks for a super support experience
[BRK2079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Cloud support is a team sport
[BRK2080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Simplify sign in and authorization with the Microsoft identity platform
[BRK2081] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping 600 million devices protected, productive, and healthy: An insider’s view of the Windows Update service
[BRK2082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (Part 1 of 2)
[BRK2083] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enterprise app management with MSIX
[BRK2084] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Virtual Desktop overview
[BRK2085] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernize your workplace with Microsoft Managed Desktop
[BRK2087] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of Microsoft OneNote: Notes unleashed
[BRK2088] [VIDEO] Exploring the future of Windows with the Insider Program
[BRK2089] [VIDEO] Using the Windows Insider Program to be successful with the next version of Windows
[BRK2090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Will Microsoft Teams take over from email?
[BRK2091] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Flow: Building enterprise-ready flows
[BRK2092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Introduction to AutoML with Azure
[BRK2093] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure VM administrative access with Azure Bastion
[BRK2094] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automating your business processes with Microsoft Flow and Teams Integration
[BRK2095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Logic apps in the real world for organizations large and small
[BRK2096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving from reactive to proactive security in Azure
[BRK2097] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power Apps makeover: Basic to beautiful
[BRK2098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Professional Power Apps development patterns: Error handling, logging, and telemetry
[BRK2099] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The cloud awakens: Azure SQL Server for the on-premises DBA
[BRK2100] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Zero to hero: SPFx development techniques to boost the performance of SharePoint solutions
[BRK2101] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Techniques for accessible report design in Microsoft Power BI
[BRK2102] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Leverage React in SharePoint Framework solutions
[BRK2103] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building dynamic data pipelines in Azure Data Factory
[BRK2104] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Your users are under attack! Strengthen your anti-phishing defense with these O365 ATP best practices
[BRK2105] [VIDEO] Superlative protection, unparalleled intelligence: Learn why Office 365 ATP is the most trusted solution
[BRK2107] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Security solutions from Microsoft, but not just for Microsoft services
[BRK2108] [VIDEO] Top CASB use cases to boost your cloud security strategy
[BRK2109] [VIDEO] We’ve got your back: Team up with Microsoft’s security experts to respond to critical threats
[BRK2110] [VIDEO] Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management
[BRK2111] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Technology and activism: Donation traceability using Azure Blockchain Services
[BRK2112] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empowering the business for eDiscovery in Office 365
[BRK2115] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Rise of the Klintwalker – A Panel discussion on developer life
[BRK2116] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Web assembly in Blazor glory
[BRK2117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Pipelines: Evolving from designer to YAML
[BRK2118] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Wake up and smell blockchain coffee: Workbench and its consequences
[BRK2119] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure your sensitive data! Understanding the latest Microsoft Information Protection capabilities
[BRK2120] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Got Azure Information Protection? Navigating unified labeling, policy configuration, clients, and analytics
[BRK2121] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Extend the power of sensitivity labeling and protection to your own apps and ISV solutions with the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK
[BRK2122] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Demystifying Microsoft Information Protection solutions: A panel discussion with the product experts
[BRK2123] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Take back the advantage: Max out your security posture with the all new Microsoft Secure Score
[BRK2124] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to operationalize making ongoing security posture assessments and improvements part of your organization’s DNA
[BRK2125] [SLIDES] 99+% of breaches didn’t occur because technology failed us. It’s time to fix the people problem!
[BRK2126] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Detect, investigate, and respond to identity-based threats in your environment with Azure ATP
[BRK2127] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Finding needles in a haystack: How to use Azure ATP to identify and investigate compromised users and suspicious activities at hybrid organizations.
[BRK2129] [VIDEO] Windows Server: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2130] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap
[BRK2132] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft uses Azure Active Directory Identity Protection and Conditional Access to protect its assets
[BRK2133] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving retail and manufacturing industry transformation with SAP on Azure
[BRK2134] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SAP workloads on Azure: Best practices and improvements
[BRK2135] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lessons learned migrating SAP applications to Azure: Customers and partners
[BRK2136] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure Data Box Edge overview
[BRK2137] [VIDEO] Use Azure’s edge infrastructure to make edge computing work for your business
[BRK2138] [VIDEO] Discover Azure Stack HCI
[BRK2139] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Azure Compute
[BRK2140] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Make the most of Azure to reduce your cloud spend
[BRK2141] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Oracle on Azure overview
[BRK2142] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure migration journey: Best practices and open mic Q&A
[BRK2143] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Azure Networking
[BRK2144] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Selecting the correct network connectivity service for your workloads
[BRK2145] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A real-world look at Windows Virtual Desktop, the best virtualization experience, delivered on Azure
[BRK2146] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking applications and content to the edge
[BRK2147] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernize your IT environment and applications with Windows Containers
[BRK2148] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure your virtual machines in Azure today
[BRK2149] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering the end-to-end Linux on Azure experience
[BRK2151] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Pipelines you can trust
[BRK2152] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure VMware Solutions overview and lessons learned from early adopters
[BRK2153] [SLIDES] Tim Taxes and his future workplace @ Siemens – how to build a digital support function
[BRK2154] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MD-100: Windows 10
[BRK2155] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution
[BRK2156] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MB-200: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core
[BRK2157] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
[BRK2159] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tech for social impact: The road ahead
[BRK2160] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Manage App Lifecycle with Microsoft Teams Admin tools
[BRK2161] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top 10 Microsoft Teams adoption best practices
[BRK2165] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform end user training using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
[BRK2166] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to choose the right infrastructure management tool for the job
[BRK2167] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a highly secure and scalable mobile backend using App Center
[BRK2170] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Database modernization best practices and lessons learned
[BRK2171] [VIDEO] Improve and automate workflows with mixed reality, Dynamics 365, and Power Apps
[BRK2172] [VIDEO] Microsoft Power BI: Business intelligence strategy, vision, and roadmap update
[BRK2173] [VIDEO] Insider info from Microsoft’s CISO
[BRK2174] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build your adoption success hub
[BRK2176] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how FastTrack can help to securely deploy Microsoft 365
[BRK2177] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus? FastTrack is here to help!
[BRK2178] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how FastTrack can help migrate your data to Microsoft 365
[BRK2179] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft AppSource: Acquire key integrated business applications for Microsoft 365
[BRK2180] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Graph
[BRK2181] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bosch: Helping to save lives with the wrong-way driver warning system using Kubernetes and cloud-native tech
[BRK2183] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Linux based web app development made easy on App Service
[BRK2184] [SLIDES] Machine learning on Azure: Ask me anything
[BRK2185] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Portal: 10 tips to get more out of Azure
[BRK2186] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Business Central: A unified solution
[BRK2187] [VIDEO] NEW! Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics: the Next Evolution of SQL Data Warehouse for Every Data Professional
[BRK2188] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models using LUIS and Azure Cognitive Services
[BRK2190] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Wow customers with industry-specific solutions built on the Microsoft 365 platform
[BRK2191] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get your organization ready for your Azure journey
[BRK2192] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A 360 degree view of Veeam solutions in a multi-cloud world
[BRK2193] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer story: How to achieve a secure and modern login experience with Microsoft Azure and Office 365
[BRK2194] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Everyone is hackable. How long will it take you to notice?
[BRK2195] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with deploying apps on Azure Red Hat OpenShift
[BRK2196] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Oops, I deleted my Office 365 or Azure data…now what?
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[BRK2272] [VIDEO] Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture: A-Z explained with live demos
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[BRK2276] [VIDEO] Authorize and automate Teams guest access with surgical precision (Part 1)
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[BRK2286] Best practices for nurturing Power Apps and Microsoft Flow citizen development in enterprises
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[BRK3166] [VIDEO][SLIDES] OS internals (for nerds only)
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[BRK3170] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building & Managing distributed micro-perimeters with Azure Firewall
[BRK3171] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Azure Web Application Firewall to protect your web applications and web APIs
[BRK3172] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Advanced networking best practices with Azure ExpressRoute
[BRK3173] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hyper-V roadmap
[BRK3174] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SCOM 2019: Customer Success stories and what’s next
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[BRK3176] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows container and the Azure Kubernetes Service
[BRK3177] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Virtual Machine Manager 2019 and Data Protection Manager 2019: Customer success stories and what’s next
[BRK3178] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure automation for managing servers across your environment
[BRK3179] [VIDEO][SLIDES] PowerShell 7
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[BRK3187] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Manage your cloud security posture and monitor compliance with Azure Security Center
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[BRK3200] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-300 | Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
[BRK3201] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-103 | Microsoft Azure Administrator
[BRK3203] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft 365 Business: Advanced security for small and medium businesses
[BRK3204] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams
[BRK3205] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deep dive with data migration tools and Azure Database Migration Service
[BRK3206] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Do more with your data from edge to cloud using Data Box Edge
[BRK3207] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power BI: Roadmap for enterprise information management – data lineage and impact analysis, data protection, and data discovery
[BRK3208] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Democratizing self-service data preparation within Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps and Flow using Dataflows
[BRK3209] [VIDEO][SLIDES] PaaSport to paradise: Lifting and shifting with Azure SQL Database + SSIS in Azure Data Factory
[BRK3211] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next in Power BI embedded analytics
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[BRK3215] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams architecture update
[BRK3216] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimizing the Microsoft Teams experience with data and analytics
[BRK3217] [VIDEO] Optimizing coexistence on your path to Teams
[BRK3218] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Governance and security for Microsoft Teams
[BRK3219] [VIDEO] iOS and iPadOS device management with Microsoft Intune
[BRK3220] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (Part 2 of 2)
[BRK3221] [SLIDES] A deep dive into managing Microsoft Teams
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[BRK3223] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure updates: Learn how we update Microsoft Azure and how you can increase control for your environment
[BRK3224] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernizing your Data Warehouse with Data Ingestion, Preparation, and Serving using Azure Synapse Analytics
[BRK3225] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Develop great workspaces with the Microsoft Teams platform: What’s new and what’s coming
[BRK3226] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Every team, connected: Develop Microsoft Teams apps with Microsoft Graph
[BRK3227] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Extending Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure’s control plane
[BRK3228] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Files are critical to your business: Modernize your file services with Windows Server 2019 and Azure
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[BRK3235] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A customer panel: Navigating the deployment of Microsoft hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to conquer IT
[BRK3236] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get instant value from your SIEM: Best practices for Azure Sentinel
[BRK3237] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn from Albertsons about their Accelerated Digital transformation journey running heterogenous workloads by integrating with multiple PAAS services on AZURE
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[BRK3241] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bringing file services into the 2020s: Migrate SMB and NFS file shares to the cloud with Azure Files and Sync
[BRK3242] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building industrial autonomous systems with reinforcement learning
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[BRK3244] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Guest Configuration, the evolution of Group Policy
[BRK3245] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing your ML lifecycle with Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning
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[BRK3249] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Use serverless technologies to manage your IT resources
[BRK3250] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Power Apps component framework to build reusable custom user experiences
[BRK3251] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s next for software-defined storage and networking for Windows Server
[BRK3252] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Server on Azure overview: Lift-and-shift migrations for enterprise workloads
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[BRK3254] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data reproducibility, audits, immediate rollbacks and other applications of time travel with Delta Lake in Azure Databricks
[BRK3256] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft 365 advanced auditing for forensic and compliance investigations
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[BRK3258] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transforming update management with cloud controls
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[BRK3266] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Make the predators your prey: Explore advanced threat hunting across identities, endpoints, and Office 365 with Microsoft Threat Protection
[BRK3267] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bridge the gap between HR, IT and business with the Azure Active Directory identity provisioning platform
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[BRK3269] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Detect the undetectable: Quickly identify compromised users and sophisticated campaigns with O365 ATP
[BRK3270] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Experimentation for personalized engagement
[BRK3272] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Knowledge mining: Industry-specific solutions
[BRK3273] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Continuously assess and monitor your IT and data protection risks in Microsoft 365
[BRK3274] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics: Intelligent action over big data
[BRK3276] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design
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[BRK3283] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimize price-performance and lower TCO for your workloads with the next-gen Azure Disks
[BRK3284R] [VIDEO] Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals (Repeat)
[BRK3284] [VIDEO] Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals
[BRK3286R] [VIDEO] Connecting the dots with M365: Automate onboarding, protection, detection and response for endpoints (REPEAT)
[BRK3286] [VIDEO] Connecting the dots with M365: Automate onboarding, protection, detection and response for endpoints
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[BRK3289] [VIDEO] The Power Platform for SharePoint People
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[BRK3292] [VIDEO] Sentiment analysis for Yammer posts
[BRK3293R2] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios (REPEAT)
[BRK3293R] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios (REPEAT)
[BRK3293] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios
[BRK3296R] [VIDEO] Power Platform management: Tips and tools to start your rollout (Repeat)
[BRK3296] [VIDEO] Power Platform management: Tips and tools to start your rollout
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[BRK3301] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #CYaaS and STOP wasteful spending! Cut costs by hybridizing your Microsoft infrastructure
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[BRK3322] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The Modern Windows Command-Line: Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
[BRK3323] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows App Development Roadmap: Making Sense of WinUI, UWP, Win32, .NET
[BRK3325] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exporting CDS data to Azure Data Lake – enable modern analytics and gain insights on your data
[BRK3327] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Arc: Extend Management and Governance to any Infrastructure
[BRK3328] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Leverage compliance capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Yammer
[BRK3330] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unifying AI-to-BI with Azure Synapse Analytics
[BRK4000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Multi-master and global distribution with Azure Cosmos DB
[BRK4001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A deep-dive into conversational AI using Azure Bot Service and Cognitive Services
[BRK4002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enterprise AI scenarios for speech, technical edition
[BRK4003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding AI enabled search for your apps: Azure Search technical edition
[BRK4004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecting your intelligent intranet with SharePoint hubs, branding, and site designs
[BRK4005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Best practices for optimizing performance of SharePoint sites and portals in Microsoft 365
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[BRK4007] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft identity platform best practices for developers
[BRK4008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Kick-start your development with SharePoint Developer Community (PnP) open-source projects and assets
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[BRK4016] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Real detection stories! See how Microsoft Threat Protection defeated actual attacks and adheres to the MITRE framework
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[CLB20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The intelligent intranet: Connecting the workplace and creating engaging digital experiences with SharePoint
[CLB30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft OneDrive and intelligent file experiences in Microsoft 365
[CLB40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform communication and learning with intelligent video: What’s new and what’s next for Microsoft Stream
[CLB50] [VIDEO] Project Cortex: What’s new and what’s next
[COMP10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Know your data: Use intelligence to identify, protect, and govern your important data
[COMP20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Identifying and taking action on insider risks and code of conduct violations
[COMP30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Take control of your data explosion with intelligent Information Governance
[COMP40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] E-discovery and Audit: Harnessing intelligent and end-to-end solutions to improve results and lower costs​
[COMP50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your ability to simplify and automate IT risk assessment
[DATA10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Delivering the MDW with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory and PBI
[DATA20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ingesting data with Azure Data Factory
[DATA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform your data with Azure Data Factory
[DATA40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data loading best practices
[DATA50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Query performance tuning
[DEP10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Why Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus? Security, privacy, and a great user experience
[DEP20] [VIDEO] Modern Windows 10 and Office 365 Deployment with Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager
[DEP30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline and stay current with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus
[DEP40] [VIDEO] Supercharge PC and mobile device management: Attach Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune and the Microsoft 365 cloud
[DEP50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Why Microsoft 365 device management is essential to your zero-trust strategy
[DT01] [SLIDES] Intersectionality: The real diversity superpower
[DYNA10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365: Establish and administer a cross organization business applications strategy
[DYNA20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing: Establish connected Sales and Marketing
[DYNA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service: Establish a proactive service organization
[DYNA40] [VIDEO] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Finance: Modernize finance and supply chain
[DYNA50] [VIDEO] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Retail: Enable connected retail
[HOL2021] Applying row-level security to a Power BI dataset
[HOL2022] Creating a Microsoft Power BI Desktop solution
[HOL2023] Developing a Microsoft Power BI composite model
[HOL2024] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 1)
[HOL2025] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 2)
[HOL2026] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 3)
[KEY01] [VIDEO] Vision Keynote
[MCO10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] IaaS VM operations
[MCO11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Securing Azure IaaS virtual machines
[MCO20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure governance and management
[MDEV10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The perfectly tailored productivity suite starts with the Microsoft 365 platform
[MDEV20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Graph: a primer for app developers
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[MDEV40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform everyday business processes with Microsoft 365 platform tools
[MDEV50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows 10: The developer platform, and modern application development
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[MOD20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving your database to Azure
[MOD30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enhancing web applications with cloud intelligence
[MOD40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging and interacting with production applications
[MOD41] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deploying and A/B testing without risks with deployment slots
[MOD50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing delivery of your app via DevOps
[MSI10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating to Windows Server 2019
[MSI11] [VIDEO] Top five new features of Windows Server 2019
[MSI20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Integrating cloud technologies
[MSI30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating IaaS workloads to Azure
[MTG10] [VIDEO] Get the most out of meetings with Microsoft Teams
[MTG20] [VIDEO] What’s New for Microsoft Teams Meetings
[MTG30] [VIDEO] Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment for an inclusive and enhanced meeting room
[MTG40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Meetings First: Microsoft Teams meetings for Skype for Business Server customers
[MTG50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Host large scale town halls, webinars, and meetings with up to 10,000 attendees with Microsoft Teams live events
[OPS10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building the foundation for modern ops: Monitoring
[OPS20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Responding to incidents
[OPS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learning from failure
[OPS40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deployment practices for greater reliability
[OPS50] [SLIDES] Preparing for growth: Capacity planning and scaling
[POWA10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enabling everyone to digitize apps and processes with Power Apps and the Power Platform
[POWA20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Intelligent automation with Microsoft Flow
[POWA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enable modern analytics and enterprise business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI
[POWA40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Connecting Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and the Common Data Service with data
[POWA50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing and supporting Power Apps and Microsoft Flow at scale
[PRE03] Hands-on with GitHub and Azure DevOps: Go fast without breaking things
[PRE04] Infrastructure as code with Terraform, Ansible, and ARM
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[PRE06] Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and big data clusters
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[SECI30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tips, tricks, and best practices from the experts for deploying Microsoft Threat Protection
[SECI40] [VIDEO] Accelerating deployment of Microsoft Information Protection solutions
[SECI50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernize your SIEM in the cloud with Azure Sentinel
[SECO10] [SLIDES] Secure your enterprise with a strong identity foundation
[SECO20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection: See how we defend against threats like phishing and stop attacks in their tracks across your estate
[SECO30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] End-to-end cloud security for all your XaaS resources
[SECO40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding how the latest Microsoft Information Protection solutions help protect your sensitive data
[SECO50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top ten best security practices for Azure today
[SRCH10] [VIDEO] What’s new and next for Microsoft search
[SRCH20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Search for the administrator: What you need to know
[SRCH30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Project Turing: AI-powered Search for Enterprise
[SRCH40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Connect your world of information to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search: A sneak peek at Microsoft Graph Connectors
[SRCH50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and next for Microsoft Search customization and development
[STR10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Design and create business workflows automatically using Microsoft Excel, Flow, and Visio
[STR20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Business process solutions with SharePoint lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Microsoft Flow
[STR30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint updates for teamwork: Sites, pages, lists, and libraries
[STR40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlock the power of data driven diagramming with Microsoft Excel and Visio
[STR50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build customized industry solutions for your firstline workers with Microsoft 365
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[THR1001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automating as a team
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[THR1003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Accessible, authentic employee engagement with Microsoft 365
[THR1004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A real-world smart city: How Richmond VA is transforming citizen services
[THR1005] [VIDEO] Collaborate with tasks in Office docs and Microsoft Planner
[THR1007] [SLIDES] Are you struggling with compliance requirements? Microsoft 365 can help!
[THR1008] [VIDEO] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Awards finals: People’s Choice winner
[THR1009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Business or User Value winner
[THR1010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best User Experience
[THR1011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best Integration
[THR1012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best Overall App
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[THR1014] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Power Query rescues worst Excel Alt+Enter nightmare
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[THR1018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The importance of diversity and inclusion in a client focused company
[THR1019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five steps to driving sustainable SharePoint and Office 365 adoption
[THR1020] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deploy a PowerShell function app to Azure while you drink your coffee
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[THR1022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five rules for all-company or large Micosoft Teams
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[THR1035] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Set yourself free: The digital nomad lifestyle
[THR1036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Diversity is more, much more! Living in tech as a Latino who can’t dance
[THR1037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] STILL not using Power Apps with SharePoint? An overview of why you should
[THR1038] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Effectively writing proposals and responding to RFPs for Microsoft Azure
[THR1039] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Flow best practices: 20 tips in 20 minutes
[THR1040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to stay skilled in a cloud-based world
[THR1041] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How a PoC at home can scale to enterprise level using custom vision APIs
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[THR1045] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Space is what matters: Looking at the core value of mixed reality
[THR1046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exiting the echo chamber: Expand your influencers and influence
[THR1047R] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The new Microsoft Project: Built for teams (REPEAT)
[THR1047] [VIDEO] The new Microsoft Project: Built for teams
[THR1049] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Introduction to PowerShell for the anxious IT professional
[THR1050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] No more spreadsheets – assess and manage your IT risks with a risk-based score
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[THR1079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline your business processes with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Apps
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[THR1082R] [VIDEO] Dynamics 365 Business Central embedded in Office 365 (Repeat)
[THR1082] [VIDEO] Dynamics 365 Business Central embedded in Office 365
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[THR1084] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to re-use your Windows Server licenses in Azure with Azure Hybrid Benefit
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[THR1098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how to navigate and leverage Microsoft AppSource to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365
[THR1099] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how to navigate and leverage Microsoft AppSource to find the right implementation or consulting services partner
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[THR2235R] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What does modern workplace look like for firstline workers? (Repeat)
[THR2235] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What does modern workplace look like for firstline workers?
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[THR2240] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ask the experts, part 2: Meet the team that runs collaboration at Microsoft (OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer)
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[THR2246] [SLIDES] Disrupt or be ready for disruption
[THR2247] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Infusing intelligence into your Flows using AI Builder
[THR2248] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get beyond POC – Build your custom IoT solution with Azure IoT Central
[THR2249] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drives effective modern collaboration through Champions
[THR2250] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drove employee adoption of OneDrive for Business for content storage
[THR2251] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft empowers employees through self-service collaboration while still protecting the company in Office 365
[THR2252] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft manages its own employee Office 365 tenancy
[THR2253] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Help your users find content and information they need using SharePoint and Microsoft Search
[THR2254] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Integrate devices to your solution quickly with IoT Plug and Play
[THR2255] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to implement automated and intelligent enterprise support using Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Dynamics 365
[THR2256] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernizing classic applications with Windows containers
[THR2257] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SAP ABAP SDK for Azure: Integrate SAP applications with Azure SaaS and PaaS services
[THR2258] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Azure and Ansible as a catalyst for digital transformation: The journey from network engineering to network development
[THR2259] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new with Office for the web
[THR2261] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking location intelligence with Azure Maps
[THR2262] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keep it reel with Microsoft’s phishing team
[THR2263] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Never let a crisis go to waste: How the Microsoft Azure team improves from incidents
[THR2264] Microsoft Threat Protection with security CVP Rob Lefferts
[THR2265] Brad Anderson presents unifying device management and taking it to the next level
[THR2266] The three things you wish you knew about, when moving to the cloud
[THR2267] Mark Russinovich presents next generation app development and deployment
[THR2268] Demopalooza III: The latest Office and Windows capabilities with Jack Elmore
[THR2269] Using Microsoft Teams: What’s new and how to get started
[THR2270] Microsoft Teams for IT admins: What’s new and what you need to know with Anne Michels
[THR2271] 3 real life cloud migrations with tips and gotchas from Corey Sanders
[THR2272] Modern data warehousing and analytics
[THR2273] Jeff Teper presents SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office updates
[THR2274] Microsoft Power Platform: Going under the hood of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI with Charles Lamanna
[THR2275] Real life hacks and how to stop them with Windows and Office updates
[THR2276] What’s new in knowledge management
[THR2277] Windows Virtual Desktop updates
[THR2278] Insider risk protection and containment with Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault
[THR2279] Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Search: Complete tour for IT admins and users
[THR2280] Meet SQL Server 2019
[THR2281] Bringing your apps, VMs, and databases to Azure with Azure Migrate
[THR2282] How we built it: Walgreens migration from on premises appliance to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
[THR2283] What’s new for Microsoft 365 admins
[THR2284] Jeffrey Snover goes inside Microsoft 365 internals with the Microsoft Graph and substrate
[THR2285] Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform: Dataflows, AI, and new visualizations
[THR2286] Networking and hybrid connectivity in Azure and beyond with CVP Yousef Khalidi
[THR2287] Surface design, internals, and management with Robin Seiler
[THR2288] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimize Azure spend while maximizing cloud potential
[THR2290] [VIDEO][SLIDES] IBM, Azure, SAP and You – Reduce Risk, Simplify your move to Azure and a New offering from IBM
[THR2292] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New experiences and innovations in Yammer
[THR2293] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How IT can support business functions like corporate communications, HR, and marketing
[THR2294] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building thriving Yammer communities for knowledge sharing
[THR2295] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Experience more immersive meeting rooms with AI on Jabra PanaCast
[THR2296] [VIDEO][SLIDES] User experience updates for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
[THR2297] [SLIDES] New administator experiences in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
[THR2298] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data collection at scale powered by Adobe Sign web forms integration in SharePoint
[THR2299] SQL across infrastructures, your options with Travis Wright
[THR2300] Hybrid updates in Azure with Julia White
[THR2301] Hybrid cloud server infrastructure: Your path to hybrid with Windows Admin Center – latest updates
[THR2307R] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your desktop app DevOps pipeline with Azure DevOps and App Center (Repeat)
[THR2307] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your desktop app DevOps pipeline with Azure DevOps and App Center
[THR2308] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a better Java Spring App with Azure
[THR2309] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Diagnosing issues with live cloud applications in Microsoft Azure
[THR2310] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customizing Visual Studio to be more productive
[THR2311] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The art of productivity: Building .NET applications on a mac with Visual Studio for Mac
[THR2312] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Richer code reviews in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code
[THR2313] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build fast, data driven mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms and Visual Studio 2019
[THR2314] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a better .NET Core Azure Service
[THR2315] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top five new XAML feature you can use today with your WPF/UWP apps
[THR2316] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure CLI Deep Dive for Developers, DevOps and Architects
[THR2317] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build .NET mobile apps quickly and easily with Xamarin.Forms Shell
[THR2318] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Crafting real-time mobile apps with Xamarin and SignalR
[THR2319] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The perfect match: ASP.NET Core Web API + Xamarin mobile apps
[THR2320] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Craft stunning mobile apps with the Xamarin Visual design system
[THR2321] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Refactoring made easy with IntelliCode
[THR2322] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Display large data sets with Xamarin.Forms CollectionView
[THR2323] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Boosting your Xamarin development productivity
[THR2324] [VIDEO][SLIDES] DevOps for Windows desktop applications with MSIX and Azure DevOps
[THR2326] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Give a modern look and feel to your Windows desktop applications with UWP and XAML Islands
[THR2327] [VIDEO][SLIDES] MSIX for developers: Move your Windows applications forward with UWP features
[THR2328] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging Win 10 UWP application effectively
[THR2330] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Commerce reviews and ratings capability
[THR2331] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The Robots are Taking Over! Unlocking Azure AI, Bots, and Digital Assistants for Customer Service
[THR2332] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Strategies for migrating infrastructure monitoring from SCOM to Azure Monitor
[THR2333] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft uses Intune internally to manage Windows devices
[THR2334] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to integrate PaaS, Serverless and Intranet applications to build resilient systems using Azure Event Grid
[THR2335] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New York City 311 system: Going big with Microsoft Dynamics 365
[THR2337] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Four secrets to your successful AI implementation
[THR2343] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating an inclusive community event
[THR2344] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using MSIX to simplify application management
[THR2345] [VIDEO][SLIDES] OneDrive Group Policies – not only for the enterprise
[THR2346] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimizing Workforce Itinerary Scheduling and Travel Time with Bing Maps
[THR2350] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 3D isn’t just for the Movies: How to tell a compelling story
[THR2351] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drives a connected data strategy that creates enterprise-wide insights and intelligence
[THR2359] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximize end-user uptime on Surface devices
[THR2360] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Surface Pro X in the modern workplace
[THR2361] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Time Series Insights: End-to-end analytics for IoT workloads
[THR2362] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The top three questions customers ask about hybrid cloud adoption (Extended Session)
[THR2371] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping the seas safe with modern devices and Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
[THR2377] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bring IT security practices to IoT: How to stop threats and improve security posture
[THR3000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecture blueprints for Microsoft Power BI implementation
[THR3001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Applied deep learning: New kind of multimedia content
[THR3002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bring your own phone numbers to Microsoft Teams globally without any infrastructure needed
[THR3003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New, fast, and reliable Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets
[THR3004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate everything: Bring self-service to LEGO robots
[THR3005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Sliding laterally: How attackers move through your network
[THR3006] [SLIDES] Delaying a birthday email based on the celebrants local time
[THR3008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Finding needles in data haystacks: Protecting sensitive information
[THR3009] [VIDEO] Build better form recognizer models with a human feedback loop
[THR3010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with Microsoft-built Graph Connectors for Microsoft Search
[THR3011] [VIDEO] Reduce risk with Microsoft 365 access control technologies
[THR3016] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint site analytics and intelligence
[THR3017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Live on stage: Build an intelligent intranet featuring SharePoint home sites
[THR3018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimize your network connectivity to SharePoint Online
[THR3019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Project Turing: Get answers in context with semantic search and machine reading comprehension in Microsoft Search
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[THR3021] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Create stunning 3D web experiences with Babylon.js
[THR3022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What you need to know about Office end of support
[THR3023] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Autopilot: White glove pre-provisioning
[THR3024] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Provide a great end user update experience by utilizing Windows Update management policies
[THR3025] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Accelerate app validation against pre-release Windows builds with Update Staging Lab
[THR3026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keep it simple: the unified administrative experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager
[THR3027] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Reaching for the cloud: Group Policy transformation to MDM with Microsoft Intune
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[THR3036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taming Azure resources using cloud governance and tools
[THR3037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving corporate user data to OneDrive for Business: How hard can it be?
[THR3038] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get to know the new Office Cloud Policy Service
[THR3039] [SLIDES] What’s new in the Office Customization Tool
[THR3040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams Messaging Extensions deep dive
[THR3041] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building Microsoft Teams apps using Node.js and React
[THR3042] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The importance of Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together
[THR3043] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups PowerShell MasterClass
[THR3044] [VIDEO] Top five things you need to know to optimize your network for Microsoft Teams
[THR3045] [VIDEO] Run your own Windows Insider Program with Group Policy and Intune
[THR3046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Run your own Windows Insider Program with WSUS and Configuration Manager
[THR3047] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making an Azure connected greenhouse in less than US$100!
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[THR3049] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protect against waves of email attacks – Introducing campaign views in Office 365 ATP
[THR3050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Compromise is co$$$$tly! Detect account compromise early and stop the attackers in their tracks with O365 ATP
[THR3052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Detecting cloud native attacks and automating remediation
[THR3053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Securing AWS and Google Cloud Platform
[THR3054] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protecting any app – in the cloud and on-premises
[THR3055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Giving you the upper hand in combating web threats with Microsoft Defender ATP
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[THR3066] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ninja skills on migration projects: On-premises to Azure in three steps
[THR3067] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Know your data: Top five tips and tricks to better understand your sensitive data landscape
[THR3068] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top five best practices to accelerate your deployment of Microsoft Information Protection solutions
[THR3069] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tips and tricks for branding your SharePoint sites
[THR3070] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Rethinking reliability and health for OneDrive Sync
[THR3071] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform internal communications with SharePoint news
[THR3072] [VIDEO] Live on stage: Schedule and produce a live event
[THR3073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Demystifying Windows 10 Dynamic Update
[THR3074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] MSIX app attach: The future of app delivery in virtual environments
[THR3076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get the most out of passwordless authentication and avoid pitfalls
[THR3078] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrate to modern authentication with Azure Active Directory
[THR3079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Govern access for employees and partners with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance
[THR3080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Gain fine-grained access controls of your administrative roles with Azure Active Directory custom roles
[THR3081] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating from Device Admin to Android Enterprise with Microsoft Intune
[THR3082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protect against phishing and other cyberthreats with Microsoft 365 Business
[THR3083] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Office 365 Groups: Ask us anything
[THR3084] [VIDEO] Microsoft 365 admin: Ask us anything
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[THR3089] [VIDEO] Building great push notifications for your Microsoft 365 users
[THR3090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Third-party party single-sign-on in Office Add-ins
[THR3091] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Gain Efficiencies in Security Response with ServiceNow and Azure Sentinel Integration powered by Microsoft Graph
[THR3092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Power BI embedded analytics
[THR3095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unified PowerShell experience for Microsoft Graph – preview
[THR3096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of content lifecycle management in Power BI
[THR3097] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database managed instance disaster recovery architecture best practices
[THR3107] [VIDEO] Accelerating your onboarding to Microsoft Teams
[THR3108] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Migrate: The next evolution
[THR3109] [VIDEO] Azure VMware Solutions: How to run native VMware workloads in Azure
[THR3110] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Big data processing with Spark and .NET
[THR3111] [VIDEO][SLIDES] GA launch of IPv6 for Azure VNETs
[THR3112] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Integrated support for Linux on Azure workloads overview
[THR3113] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximizing ROI in SQL Data Warehouse with enhanced workload management
[THR3114] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrate and protect your production applications running on Azure Disks
[THR3115] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Healthy Teamwork and moving the needle on Productivity
[THR3116] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streaming data with Azure Event Hubs and Kafka
[THR3117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding and deploying Windows 10, version 1909
[THR3118] [VIDEO] Unparalleled ways that Microsoft makes data sharing flexible, safe, and astonishingly simple
[THR3119] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new with Azure Data Lake Storage
[THR3120] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building a golden image pipeline
[THR3121] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building your own deployer machine
[THR3122] [VIDEO] C# 8: Nullable Reference Types
[THR3123] [VIDEO] C# 8: The good parts
[THR3124] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Machine learning with Python using serverless Azure Functions
[THR3125] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure: PowerShell secrets management
[THR3126] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Reducing time to development of SAP solutions by 100x with Azure Logic Apps
[THR3127] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Serverless Kubernetes with Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
[THR3128] [VIDEO] Time series and machine learning with Azure Data Explorer
[THR3129] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking AI insights from your video using Video Indexer
[THR3130] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building open standards based autonomous drones with Dronecode and AirSim
[THR3131] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enhance performance with AIOps in Azure
[THR3132] CANCELED: Search and find content across 100 languages
[THR3133] [VIDEO] Staying productive with Azure data developer tooling
[THR3134] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Extend mobile threat protection to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users
[THR3135] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C
[THR3136] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline your business processes and development with Azure Active Directory APIs in Microsoft Graph
[THR3138] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to optimize Azure infrastructure in 20 minutes and 10 steps
[THR3139] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Identifying and remediating critical insider risks and policy violations
[THR3140] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power Platform: Unlocking Common Data Model
[THR3141] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for POS
[THR3142] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SOAR! What is it good for? Absolutely everything.
[THR3143] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Choices, choices: Using Unicode in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database
[THR3144] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Delivering better application experience on Azure using Citrix ADC and SD-WAN
[THR3145] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power BI Desktop: Data exploration, analysis, and storytelling
[THR3147] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure architecting (for Azure) 2.0: CSPM with ML and predictive analytics
[THR3148] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supervisor experiences in omnichannel
[THR3149] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate workflows using Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Teams
[THR3150] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #CYaaS and Get Compliance-Ready with Office 365
[THR3151] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #CYaaS and STOP Ransomware! Make Your Microsoft-Powered Multi-Cloud Strategy Bulletproof
[THR3152] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamlined deployment of specialized devices
[THR3154] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Activating your App from the Cloud
[THR3155] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lessons learned from open-sourcing Windows Calculator
[THR3156] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating Existing .NET Framework WPF and Windows Forms applications to .NET Core
[THR3157] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Test and debug MSIX apps remotely using Windows Device Portal
[THR3158] [VIDEO][SLIDES] BEC: The inner-workings of West African cybercriminal gangs
[THR3166] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data handling for the machine learning process using Azure Machine Learning datasets
[THR4000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hands on with the new Microsoft Search API in the Microsoft Graph
[THR4001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate your tasks with Project, Planner, and Microsoft Flow
[THR4002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Solving Windows 10 feature updates in a multilingual deployment
[THR4003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint architecture behind the scenes
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[THR4006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Run Python in production without compromising your security
[THR4007] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
[THR4008] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
[THR4009] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
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[TK03] [VIDEO] Microsoft’s roadmap for security, compliance, and identity
[TK04] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unleashing your organization’s creativity and innovation with a deep dive into the Microsoft Power Platform
[TK05] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Application Dev Keynote
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[TMS20] [VIDEO] Intelligent communications in Microsoft Teams
[TMS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Designing your path from Skype for Business to Teams: Start Here!
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[UNC1002] Power Platform for the CRM person
[UNC1003] Ask me anything: How to organize a community-focused event
[UNC1004] Embracing and fostering tech intensity to benefit society and thrive in a digital world
[UNC1005] Software update for IoT devices: Best practices
[UNC1006] Do’s and don’ts for on-boarding and end-user adoption of Microsoft 365
[UNC1007] Let enterprise social support you in your change and adoption journey
[UNC1008] Let’s stop training end users and start helping them at their moment of need
[UNC1009] Helping users deal with organizational change
[UNC1010] Achieving zero downtime deployments with Azure DevOps and Kubernetes
[UNC1011] Let’s talk about Microsoft Teams: How to structure and build your Team
[UNC1012] Building your career in IT by using the skills you may already have
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[UNC1014] Community heroes unite: MVPs unplugged
[UNC1015] Podcasting tips and tricks: Sharing your knowledge through audio and video
[UNC1016] Survival tips for the independent IT consultant
[UNC1017] Women in Technology leadership roundtable
[UNC1018] What was the best win in Microsoft Teams in your organization
[UNC1019] [SLIDES] One value: Breaking silos of knowledge and communications
[UNC1020] Tactics for learning Azure PowerShell
[UNC1021] Using Innovation Games to gather requirements
[UNC1022] Sharing experiences: In the end, how do we put our stuff in production?
[UNC1023] User groups and IT communities: Surviving through technologies
[UNC1024] Top five best practices for a server admin after moving to Azure
[UNC1025] Why IoT projects fail
[UNC1026] Process automation and you: Measuring automation
[UNC1027] Starting (and sustaining) a user group
[UNC1028] Idea swap: Using Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to improve user adoption
[UNC1029] Solopreneur to entrepreneur: Growing your consulting business beyond just you
[UNC1030] Office 365 roll out imagination fest: What is the ideal roadmap for introducing apps into companies?
[UNC1031] Diversity and inclusion quick starts for beginners, newbies, and doers
[UNC1032] Microsoft 365 adoption vs consumption: Is there a difference & what are the feedback | reporting mechanisms we could be using to measure success?
[UNC1033] IoT loves Azure Functions! What is your experience with serverless and IoT?
[UNC1034] Building tech communities: Tips, no-tricks, and lessons learned running one of the largest SharePoint Saturday events for over 10 years
[UNC1035] Enabling human-centric computing with Microsoft technologies, today
[UNC1036] How to run inclusive events: An organizer’s top tips
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[UNC1038] Time management for the IT professional
[UNC1039] How to build and run a security operations center
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[UNC1041] Azure SQL Database flavors: How to choose the right one for my scenario
[UNC1042] Building your tech community at home
[UNC1043] Developing interactive sessions to connect with your audience
[UNC1044] Public Speaking: A few ways Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Azure can make you a better speaker
[UNC1045] Supercharging and tackling your ADHD with Office 365
[UNC1046] Building inclusive communities and resilient selves
[UNC1047] Purposeful mentorship: Unleashing extraordinary leadership capacity
[UNC1048] Women IT pro workshop: Building Community
[UNC1049] Balancing family and career: Can you have it all?
[VCE10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Calling in Microsoft Teams
[VCE20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Updates for Direct Routing
[VCE30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing your Microsoft Voice Environment
[VCE40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Compliance Recording and Microsoft Teams
[VCE50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Contact centers and Microsoft Teams
[WRK1000] [SLIDES] Power BI Data modeling fundamentals
[WRK1001] [SLIDES] Delivering a real-time Microsoft Power BI dashboard with the REST API
[WRK1003] [SLIDES] Getting started with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, core functionality
[WRK1004] [SLIDES] Hands-on with Microsoft Power Apps and Azure
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[WRK1008] Microsoft Power Apps: Hands on with AI Builder, a new capability that makes artificial intelligence easy to add within the Microsoft Power Platform
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[WRK2004] Zero to hero with Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell
[WRK2005] High speed blockchain: Tips and tricks for high productivity w/Azure Blockchain Service and Visual Studio Code
[WRK2006] [SLIDES] Analyzing real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL
[WRK2007] [SLIDES] Building full-stack C# web apps with Blazor in .NET Core 3.0
[WRK2008] [SLIDES] Running WordPress applications on Azure App Service
[WRK2009] Workflow automation from GitHub Actions to Azure
[WRK2010] [SLIDES] Leverage automated machine learning to quickstart your model building process
[WRK2011] [SLIDES] Discover, assess, and migrate servers and databases with Azure Migrate
[WRK2013] Hands-on with Azure Databricks Delta Lake
[WRK2014] [SLIDES] Build your first campaign with Dynamics 365 Marketing
[WRK3000] Behavior driven recommendations with the Azure personalization service powered by reinforcement learning
[WRK3001] [SLIDES] Microsoft Bot Framework workshop: Build a bot with Bot Framework Composer
[WRK3002R] Hands-on with migrating to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using DMS (REPEAT)
[WRK3003] Power your hybrid environment with Windows Admin Center and Azure
[WRK3004] [SLIDES] Migrate an existing RDS environment to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure
[WRK3006] Managing Azure Kubernetes Service: What you need to know about day two operations
[WRK3007] [SLIDES] Back to the future: Accelerating the cloud migration of legacy SSIS with Azure Data Factory
[WRK3008R] [SLIDES] Getting started with co-management workloads REPEAT
[WRK3008] [SLIDES] Getting started with co-management workloads
[WRK3010R2] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Repeat)
[WRK3010R] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Repeat)
[WRK3010] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP)
[WRK3011] Modernize .NET apps with serverless functions
[WRK3012] Getting started with infrastructure as code for Azure with ARM Templates
[WRK3014] [SLIDES] Getting started with Azure governance workshop
[WRK3015] Private PaaS with Private Link and DNS integration
[WRK3017] [SLIDES] Accelerating natural language processing development with Azure Machine Learning
[WRK3018] [SLIDES] Accelerating recommendation system development with Azure Machine Learning
[WRK3019] Deploying and Managing Windows and Office in a Modern World
[WRK3022R2] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security (Repeat)
[WRK3022R] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security (Repeat)
[WRK3022] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security
[WRK3023] [SLIDES] Unlock deep understanding across all your content with Azure AI knowledge mining solutions (Part 1)
[WRK3024R] [SLIDES] Use the cloud to configure group policy on Windows 10 devices with ADMX templates and Microsoft Intune (Repeat)
[WRK3024] [SLIDES] Use the cloud to configure group policy on Windows 10 devices with ADMX templates and Microsoft Intune
[WRK3025] Getting started with highly secure IoT devices with Azure Sphere
[WRK3026R2] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Repeat)
[WRK3026R] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Repeat)
[WRK3026] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection
[WRK3027R2] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3027R] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3027] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams
[WRK3028R2] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive (Repeat)
[WRK3028R] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive (Repeat)
[WRK3028] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive
[WRK3029R2] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R3] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R4] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory
[WRK3030R2] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R3] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R4] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams
[WRK3031] [SLIDES] GPU accelerated IoT workloads at the edge
[WRK3032] [SLIDES] Unlock deep understanding across all your content with Azure AI knowledge mining solutions (Part 2)
[WRK3033R2] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM (Repeat)
[WRK3033R] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM (Repeat)
[WRK3033] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM
[WRK3034R2] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R3] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R4] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin
[WRK3035] Hands-on building advanced canvas apps over the Common Data Service
[WRK3036R] [SLIDES] Microsoft Surface modern manageability (Repeat)
[WRK3036] Microsoft Surface modern manageability
[WRK4000] [SLIDES] Build solutions powered by real-time analytics using Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Data Explorer
[WRK4001] [SLIDES] Building an End-to-end Analytics Pipeline with Azure Synapse Analytics
[WRK4002] Data integration using Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Share
[] Developing cloud native applications
[] Journey to Microsoft Teams
[] Deploying, managing, and servicing Windows, Office and all your devices
[] Developing integrations and workflows for your productivity applications
[] IT administrator’s guide to managing productivity in the cloud
[] Configuring and deploying security and identity solutions
[] Microsoft Dynamics 365
[] Azure fundamentals
[] Developer’s guide to AI
[] Improving reliability through modern operations practices
[] Managing cloud operations
[] Modernizing web applications and data
[] Securing your organization
[] Meeting organizational compliance requirements
[] Deploying voice in Microsoft Teams
[] Transforming productivity with intelligent search
[] Power Platform
[] Content collaboration, communication, and engagement in the intelligent workplace
[] Get the most out of online meetings with Microsoft Teams
[] Microsoft 365 adoption and change management
[] Streamline workflows in Microsoft 365

Yannick Plavonil est un consultant, spécialisé dans les solutions de gestion et déploiement Windows en entreprise. Activement impliqué dans les communautés, il a reçu le titre Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Ses domaines d'expertise comprennent les outils de déploiements Windows, MDT, WinPE, USMT, WDS, ConfigMgr et Intune.

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