Liste et liens de téléchargement des sessions Ignite 2019

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[ADM10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Onboarding and setup: Getting the most out of Microsoft 365
[ADM20] [VIDEO] Addressing top management issues with users and groups
[ADM30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Incident communications at cloud-scale: How Microsoft 365 is improving when things go wrong
[ADM40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using analytics to maximize your Microsoft 365 value
[ADM50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing across tenant boundaries in Office 365
[ADP10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximize the value of Microsoft 365: Understanding adoption and change management
[ADP20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking success in digital transformations: Getting employees to (really) adopt new technology
[ADP30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Increasing productivity through analytics
[ADP40] [VIDEO] Champions for success! Building a champions program for your organization
[ADP50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lead change: Become a Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist
[AFUN10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering Microsoft Azure
[AFUN20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure networking basics
[AFUN30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering Azure tooling and utilities
[AFUN40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure security fundamentals
[AFUN50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Storing data in Azure
[AFUN60] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exploring containers and orchestration in Azure
[AFUN70] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping costs down in Azure
[AFUN80] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What you need to know about governance in Azure
[AFUN90] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure identity fundamentals
[AFUN95] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Figuring out Azure Functions
[AIML10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making sense of your unstructured data with AI
[AIML11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Developers guide to AI: A data story
[AIML20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using pre-built AI to solve business challenges
[AIML30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Start building machine learning models faster than you think
[AIML40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking models to the next level with Azure Machine Learning best practices
[AIML50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Machine learning operations: Applying DevOps to data science
[APPS10] [SLIDES] Options for building and running your app in the cloud
[APPS11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure and the command line – options, tips and tricks
[APPS20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Options for data in the cloud
[APPS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernizing your application with containers
[APPS40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service
[APPS50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking your app to the next level with monitoring, performance, and scaling
[BRK001] [VIDEO] Empowering every developer to innovate with Microsoft Azure
[BRK002] [VIDEO] Azure Data: Unmatched price-performance and limitless capabilities wherever your data lives
[BRK003] [VIDEO] Azure AI: Powering new possibilities for every organization
[BRK004] [VIDEO] Create more value for your business on Azure infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge
[BRK006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build unified data strategies to drive AI for customer, product and market insights
[BRK007] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empower everyone in your organization to drive digital transformation with the Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK008] [VIDEO] Modern management: How/why you do it now
[BRK009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams
[BRK010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Navigate data protection and risk management in the cloud era
[BRK011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Security for your entire environment
[BRK1000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Surface: Innovating for the Intelligent Workplace
[BRK1005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transforming collaboration with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
[BRK1007] [VIDEO] Lessons learned from implementing real-world machine learning solutions: Common patterns and best practices
[BRK1008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Visio roadmap: Now and beyond
[BRK1009] [VIDEO] Machine learning simplified: From ideation to deployment with Azure Machine Learning
[BRK1010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get more done with Microsoft Planner
[BRK1011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tasks at Microsoft: Creating a coherent ecosystem
[BRK1012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of Microsoft Project is here
[BRK1013] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A look at what’s new in Windows 10 Pro and modern devices
[BRK1014] [VIDEO] Secure your edge with the new, most secure Windows 10 PCs
[BRK1017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What do I do next? Managing asks and tasks with Microsoft 365
[BRK1018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Embrace digital transformation with Office 365: See how customers use O365 features to work more effectively together and learn about the latest with AI and collaboration in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
[BRK1019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] State of the browser: Microsoft Edge
[BRK1020] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Sandbox: Execution of Software in Isolation
[BRK1021] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hidden stories of the tech trenches, and how *YOU* can help
[BRK1022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Recognize exclusion, design for inclusion
[BRK1023] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five steps to maximize generational diversity in your modern workplace
[BRK1025] [VIDEO] Imposter Syndrome banishing spell
[BRK1026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] An introvert’s guide to the IT industry
[BRK1027] [VIDEO][SLIDES] From battlefield to breaking barriers: My journey from the US Marines to a career in tech
[BRK1029] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Real-world ways to promote diversity and inclusion in your organization with Yammer and Microsoft Teams
[BRK1030] [VIDEO][SLIDES] My two left feet, or, how life as a competitive dancer has made me a better PM and human
[BRK1031] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building inclusive workplaces: Supporting coworkers with autism
[BRK1032] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Art x technology for good
[BRK1033] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Mental health: It’s time to talk
[BRK1034] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with Flow Approvals
[BRK1035] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Governance: The forgotten key to managing cloud
[BRK1036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Everyday governance and etiquette in Microsoft Teams
[BRK1037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Let’s build a knowledgeable chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Bot Services, and QnA Maker
[BRK1040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Real customers, real challenges, and the real power of Microsoft Threat Protection
[BRK1041] [VIDEO] Built in and cloud powered – elevate your endpoint security with Microsoft Defender ATP
[BRK1043] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making the most of out-of-box approvals in SharePoint Online
[BRK1044] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to improve your UX with a deck of cards
[BRK1045] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five powerful tips to make the most of your mentor/mentee relationship
[BRK1046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-203 | Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
[BRK1047] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: AZ-900 | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
[BRK1048] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MS-900 | Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
[BRK1050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: DP-100 | Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
[BRK1051] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: DP-200 | Implementing an Azure Data Solution
[BRK1052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MS-101 | Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security
[BRK1053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Certification 101
[BRK1054] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Threddy and the dinosaurs: A software engineer’s tale about how a visit to a paint studio changed his career and life
[BRK1055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Military veterans in tech panel: Workforce of tomorrow offers more diversity
[BRK1056] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Breaking the mold: The tech career journey guide
[BRK1057] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecting an elegant data management strategy with Rubrik
[BRK1058] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Make data protection a partner to your automation workflows
[BRK1059] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving engineering culture change at Microsoft: An experimental journey
[BRK1060] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Women in cybersecurity and risk panel
[BRK1061] [VIDEO] Empower yourself through personal branding: How a shy introvert turned awkwardness into confidence
[BRK1062] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #DreamCrazier in the world of tech: In conversation with Nike
[BRK1063] [VIDEO] Modernize your Dynamics 365 business applications using mixed reality
[BRK1065] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to manage governance and automation in Teams for Education
[BRK1066] [VIDEO] Collaboration on the go with the Microsoft Teams mobile app
[BRK1069] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empower your Firstline workforce with Microsoft Teams
[BRK1070] [VIDEO] Accelerating your IT career
[BRK1073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365
[BRK1074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Announcing Bing Maps Geospatial Analytics Platform Preview for Enterprise Business Planning
[BRK1076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Future of work: Workforce evolution and human cloud
[BRK1077] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline your business processes with Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK1078] [VIDEO] Being a social developer
[BRK1079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery mistakes to avoid
[BRK1080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Fostering health team collaboration with Microsoft Teams
[BRK1081] [VIDEO] Artificial intelligence in an age of social responsibility
[BRK1082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 customer success stories: Implementation best practices with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement customers
[BRK1084] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure + Power Apps: Build web and mobile apps amazingly fast on Azure SQL with low-code
[BRK1085] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transforming the way retailers do business online
[BRK1086] [VIDEO] Microsoft’s security team is changing the training playbook
[BRK1087] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building end-to-end blockchain solutions with Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Azure Blockchain Service
[BRK1088] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving growth and transformation with Microsoft IoT
[BRK1089] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating Impact Today with Microsoft Quantum
[BRK1090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Teams + Power Apps: Three ways you can deeply customize Teams with low-code
[BRK1091] [VIDEO] From order takers to innovators: IT of the future
[BRK1092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Marketing panel discussion and Q&A
[BRK1094] [SLIDES] Disability and innovation: The universal benefits of inclusive design
[BRK1095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Futureproofing against bias in tech
[BRK1096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Future Generations: It Takes a Village: Nonprofit + Community Partners
[BRK1098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Product Insights: Gain real-time insight into how your customers use your products
[BRK1099R] [VIDEO] Microsoft Ignite 101: Make the most of your experience (REPEAT)
[BRK1099] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Ignite 101: Make the most of your experience
[BRK1100] [VIDEO] Streamline your business process on Microsoft Teams: Code-less integrated application with chatbot
[BRK1101] [VIDEO] Bringing your whole self to work: How diversity ignites our innovation, presented by Accenture and Avanade
[BRK1102] [VIDEO][SLIDES] EXAM PREP: MB-900 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
[BRK1103] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer success and roadmap for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Applications
[BRK1104] [VIDEO][SLIDES] You’re never alone: what community means to people in tech
[BRK1105] Customer success stories and implementation best practices from customers who are live with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
[BRK1106] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams
[BRK1107] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Closing the Skills Gap – A Panel Discussion
[BRK1109] Driving adoption of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1110] Digital transformation journey with Microsoft 365: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1111] Managing the cultural shift to a digital workplace: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1112] So you’ve deployed Microsoft Teams, now what?: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1113] Balancing security with how modern end users want to work: Panel and group discussion
[BRK1114] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Turbocharge your infrastructure with AMD EPYC®
[BRK1117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving demand for digital process automation with Nintex and Microsoft, a GM Financial success story
[BRK2001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s amazing and new in calendaring in Outlook
[BRK2002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] There is a new Outlook on the web: See what’s new, fresh, and exciting
[BRK2003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get ahead with Outlook mobile: Intelligent technology that helps you stay on top of your day
[BRK2005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Outlook for Mac – re-invented!
[BRK2006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SQL Server from ground to the cloud
[BRK2007] [VIDEO] Running upgrades for mission critical SQL Server
[BRK2008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine reimagined
[BRK2009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database Edge: Overview
[BRK2010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database Managed Instance: A fully managed SQL Server in the cloud
[BRK2011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database serverless: Providing autoscaling and optimized price-performance for your database workloads
[BRK2012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in security for Azure SQL
[BRK2013] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Raising the bar again for Azure SQL Database with Centrally Managed Encryption
[BRK2014] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Knowledge mining: AI-driven content understanding with cognitive search on Azure
[BRK2015] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Introducing Form Recognizer for AI driven information extraction from forms
[BRK2016] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Machine Learning and open source: Designed for each other
[BRK2017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding enterprise readiness for machine learning solutions
[BRK2018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Responsible AI: Building trustworthy, secure and transparent machine learning
[BRK2019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Choosing the best language for your machine learning solution: From R to Python
[BRK2020] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating a model factory with automated machine learning
[BRK2021] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecting and implementing governance across your Azure subscriptions
[BRK2022] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer Perspectives: Unlocking Workplace Productivity with Microsoft Search in Bing
[BRK2024] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Planner in Microsoft 365
[BRK2025] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The power of the new Microsoft Project and Microsoft 365
[BRK2026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Project for the web – Reporting and Dashboards
[BRK2027] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deep dive on the new Microsoft Project
[BRK2034] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: AI-powered experiences in Microsoft 365
[BRK2035] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft 365: Empowering everyone with AI
[BRK2036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Scheduler: Hand off the time-consuming task of scheduling to your AI assistant
[BRK2037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Workplace Analytics can supercharge agility in your company with Organizational Network and Topic Analysis
[BRK2038] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlock your data and transform your organization with workplace intelligence (roadmap and demos)
[BRK2039] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Workplace Intelligence and Microsoft AI helps accelerate transformation for you, your team and your organization
[BRK2040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discover how a large Fortune 500 customer used workplace intelligence to drive digital transformation (customer panel)
[BRK2041] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Be your best self with workplace intelligence and Microsoft AI
[BRK2046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Monitor fundamentals: What, why, and how
[BRK2048] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Admin Center: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2049] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint spaces and mixed reality
[BRK2050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn why SAP customers with leading brands and large mission critical landscapes are migrating their SAP to Azure
[BRK2051] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: Security and compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive
[BRK2052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new and what’s next: SharePoint and OneDrive administration
[BRK2053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The latest innovations in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office for content collaboration in Microsoft 365
[BRK2055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking business insights for SAP data with Azure Data Services, AI/ML, and Microsoft Power Platform
[BRK2056] [VIDEO] Embrace Office 365 Groups: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2058] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deploy Office 365 groups at scale to power Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Yammer, and SharePoint
[BRK2059] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data residency with Office 365 datacenters
[BRK2060] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft 365 admin center
[BRK2061] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring to work for your organization
[BRK2062] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tokenize all the things: Deep dive on tokenizing digital and physical assets with Azure Blockchain
[BRK2063] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s the latest with Azure Cosmos DB
[BRK2064] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Why developers love Postgres
[BRK2065] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Innovations to boost productivity with Azure-managed MySQL, Postgres, and MariaDB databases
[BRK2066] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Grab Taxi and Bentley Systems: Leveraging real-time insights offered by Azure Stream Analytics for business innovation
[BRK2068] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How DNV GL uses Kubernetes for machine learning and enterprise-wide microservice oriented apps
[BRK2071] [VIDEO] Increase your .NET productivity with Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac
[BRK2072] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Cloud native applications with .NET Core and Azure Kubernetes Service
[BRK2073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Create amazing web apps with ASP.NET Core
[BRK2074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging tips and tricks in Visual Studio 2019
[BRK2075] [VIDEO] Visual Studio Online: A look at the future of developer productivity and collaboration
[BRK2076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to use GitHub effectively in your company
[BRK2077] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ship it! Build for any platform with Azure Pipelines, and make shipping fun and stress-free
[BRK2078] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Less stress, more success: Tips and tricks for a super support experience
[BRK2079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Cloud support is a team sport
[BRK2080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Simplify sign in and authorization with the Microsoft identity platform
[BRK2081] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping 600 million devices protected, productive, and healthy: An insider’s view of the Windows Update service
[BRK2082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (Part 1 of 2)
[BRK2083] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enterprise app management with MSIX
[BRK2084] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows Virtual Desktop overview
[BRK2085] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernize your workplace with Microsoft Managed Desktop
[BRK2087] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of Microsoft OneNote: Notes unleashed
[BRK2088] [VIDEO] Exploring the future of Windows with the Insider Program
[BRK2089] [VIDEO] Using the Windows Insider Program to be successful with the next version of Windows
[BRK2090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Will Microsoft Teams take over from email?
[BRK2091] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Flow: Building enterprise-ready flows
[BRK2092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Introduction to AutoML with Azure
[BRK2093] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure VM administrative access with Azure Bastion
[BRK2094] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automating your business processes with Microsoft Flow and Teams Integration
[BRK2095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Logic apps in the real world for organizations large and small
[BRK2096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving from reactive to proactive security in Azure
[BRK2097] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power Apps makeover: Basic to beautiful
[BRK2098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Professional Power Apps development patterns: Error handling, logging, and telemetry
[BRK2099] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The cloud awakens: Azure SQL Server for the on-premises DBA
[BRK2100] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Zero to hero: SPFx development techniques to boost the performance of SharePoint solutions
[BRK2101] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Techniques for accessible report design in Microsoft Power BI
[BRK2102] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Leverage React in SharePoint Framework solutions
[BRK2103] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building dynamic data pipelines in Azure Data Factory
[BRK2104] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Your users are under attack! Strengthen your anti-phishing defense with these O365 ATP best practices
[BRK2105] [VIDEO] Superlative protection, unparalleled intelligence: Learn why Office 365 ATP is the most trusted solution
[BRK2107] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Security solutions from Microsoft, but not just for Microsoft services
[BRK2108] [VIDEO] Top CASB use cases to boost your cloud security strategy
[BRK2109] [VIDEO] We’ve got your back: Team up with Microsoft’s security experts to respond to critical threats
[BRK2110] [VIDEO] Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management
[BRK2111] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Technology and activism: Donation traceability using Azure Blockchain Services
[BRK2112] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Empowering the business for eDiscovery in Office 365
[BRK2115] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Rise of the Klintwalker – A Panel discussion on developer life
[BRK2116] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Web assembly in Blazor glory
[BRK2117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Pipelines: Evolving from designer to YAML
[BRK2118] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Wake up and smell blockchain coffee: Workbench and its consequences
[BRK2119] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure your sensitive data! Understanding the latest Microsoft Information Protection capabilities
[BRK2120] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Got Azure Information Protection? Navigating unified labeling, policy configuration, clients, and analytics
[BRK2121] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Extend the power of sensitivity labeling and protection to your own apps and ISV solutions with the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK
[BRK2122] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Demystifying Microsoft Information Protection solutions: A panel discussion with the product experts
[BRK2123] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Take back the advantage: Max out your security posture with the all new Microsoft Secure Score
[BRK2124] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to operationalize making ongoing security posture assessments and improvements part of your organization’s DNA
[BRK2125] [SLIDES] 99+% of breaches didn’t occur because technology failed us. It’s time to fix the people problem!
[BRK2126] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Detect, investigate, and respond to identity-based threats in your environment with Azure ATP
[BRK2127] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Finding needles in a haystack: How to use Azure ATP to identify and investigate compromised users and suspicious activities at hybrid organizations.
[BRK2129] [VIDEO] Windows Server: What’s new and what’s next
[BRK2130] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap
[BRK2132] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft uses Azure Active Directory Identity Protection and Conditional Access to protect its assets
[BRK2133] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Driving retail and manufacturing industry transformation with SAP on Azure
[BRK2134] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SAP workloads on Azure: Best practices and improvements
[BRK2135] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lessons learned migrating SAP applications to Azure: Customers and partners
[BRK2136] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure Data Box Edge overview
[BRK2137] [VIDEO] Use Azure’s edge infrastructure to make edge computing work for your business
[BRK2138] [VIDEO] Discover Azure Stack HCI
[BRK2139] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Azure Compute
[BRK2140] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Make the most of Azure to reduce your cloud spend
[BRK2141] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Oracle on Azure overview
[BRK2142] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure migration journey: Best practices and open mic Q&A
[BRK2143] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Azure Networking
[BRK2144] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Selecting the correct network connectivity service for your workloads
[BRK2145] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A real-world look at Windows Virtual Desktop, the best virtualization experience, delivered on Azure
[BRK2146] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taking applications and content to the edge
[BRK2147] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernize your IT environment and applications with Windows Containers
[BRK2148] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure your virtual machines in Azure today
[BRK2149] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Discovering the end-to-end Linux on Azure experience
[BRK2151] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Pipelines you can trust
[BRK2152] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure VMware Solutions overview and lessons learned from early adopters
[BRK2153] [SLIDES] Tim Taxes and his future workplace @ Siemens – how to build a digital support function
[BRK2154] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MD-100: Windows 10
[BRK2155] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution
[BRK2156] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MB-200: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core
[BRK2157] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exam Prep | MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
[BRK2159] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tech for social impact: The road ahead
[BRK2160] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Manage App Lifecycle with Microsoft Teams Admin tools
[BRK2161] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top 10 Microsoft Teams adoption best practices
[BRK2165] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform end user training using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
[BRK2166] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to choose the right infrastructure management tool for the job
[BRK2167] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a highly secure and scalable mobile backend using App Center
[BRK2170] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Database modernization best practices and lessons learned
[BRK2171] [VIDEO] Improve and automate workflows with mixed reality, Dynamics 365, and Power Apps
[BRK2172] [VIDEO] Microsoft Power BI: Business intelligence strategy, vision, and roadmap update
[BRK2173] [VIDEO] Insider info from Microsoft’s CISO
[BRK2174] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build your adoption success hub
[BRK2176] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how FastTrack can help to securely deploy Microsoft 365
[BRK2177] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus? FastTrack is here to help!
[BRK2178] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how FastTrack can help migrate your data to Microsoft 365
[BRK2179] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft AppSource: Acquire key integrated business applications for Microsoft 365
[BRK2180] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Graph
[BRK2181] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bosch: Helping to save lives with the wrong-way driver warning system using Kubernetes and cloud-native tech
[BRK2183] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Linux based web app development made easy on App Service
[BRK2184] [SLIDES] Machine learning on Azure: Ask me anything
[BRK2185] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Portal: 10 tips to get more out of Azure
[BRK2186] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Business Central: A unified solution
[BRK2187] [VIDEO] NEW! Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics: the Next Evolution of SQL Data Warehouse for Every Data Professional
[BRK2188] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models using LUIS and Azure Cognitive Services
[BRK2190] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Wow customers with industry-specific solutions built on the Microsoft 365 platform
[BRK2191] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get your organization ready for your Azure journey
[BRK2192] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A 360 degree view of Veeam solutions in a multi-cloud world
[BRK2193] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customer story: How to achieve a secure and modern login experience with Microsoft Azure and Office 365
[BRK2194] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Everyone is hackable. How long will it take you to notice?
[BRK2195] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with deploying apps on Azure Red Hat OpenShift
[BRK2196] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Oops, I deleted my Office 365 or Azure data…now what?
[BRK2197] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Simplify your firstline business processes by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to let them work less, and achieve more
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[BRK2272] [VIDEO] Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture: A-Z explained with live demos
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[BRK2286] Best practices for nurturing Power Apps and Microsoft Flow citizen development in enterprises
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[BRK3170] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building & Managing distributed micro-perimeters with Azure Firewall
[BRK3171] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Azure Web Application Firewall to protect your web applications and web APIs
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[BRK3173] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hyper-V roadmap
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[BRK3176] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Windows container and the Azure Kubernetes Service
[BRK3177] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Virtual Machine Manager 2019 and Data Protection Manager 2019: Customer success stories and what’s next
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[BRK3207] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power BI: Roadmap for enterprise information management – data lineage and impact analysis, data protection, and data discovery
[BRK3208] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Democratizing self-service data preparation within Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps and Flow using Dataflows
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[BRK3217] [VIDEO] Optimizing coexistence on your path to Teams
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[BRK3220] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, including Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager (Part 2 of 2)
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[BRK3236] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get instant value from your SIEM: Best practices for Azure Sentinel
[BRK3237] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn from Albertsons about their Accelerated Digital transformation journey running heterogenous workloads by integrating with multiple PAAS services on AZURE
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[BRK3270] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Experimentation for personalized engagement
[BRK3272] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Knowledge mining: Industry-specific solutions
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[BRK3284R] [VIDEO] Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals (Repeat)
[BRK3284] [VIDEO] Power Platform evolution inc. AI Builder and Portals
[BRK3286R] [VIDEO] Connecting the dots with M365: Automate onboarding, protection, detection and response for endpoints (REPEAT)
[BRK3286] [VIDEO] Connecting the dots with M365: Automate onboarding, protection, detection and response for endpoints
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[BRK3289] [VIDEO] The Power Platform for SharePoint People
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[BRK3293R2] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios (REPEAT)
[BRK3293R] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios (REPEAT)
[BRK3293] [VIDEO] Live Events for professional event producers – multi-camera; VT; auditorium scenarios
[BRK3296R] [VIDEO] Power Platform management: Tips and tools to start your rollout (Repeat)
[BRK3296] [VIDEO] Power Platform management: Tips and tools to start your rollout
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[BRK3328] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Leverage compliance capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Yammer
[BRK3330] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unifying AI-to-BI with Azure Synapse Analytics
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[CLB40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform communication and learning with intelligent video: What’s new and what’s next for Microsoft Stream
[CLB50] [VIDEO] Project Cortex: What’s new and what’s next
[COMP10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Know your data: Use intelligence to identify, protect, and govern your important data
[COMP20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Identifying and taking action on insider risks and code of conduct violations
[COMP30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Take control of your data explosion with intelligent Information Governance
[COMP40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] E-discovery and Audit: Harnessing intelligent and end-to-end solutions to improve results and lower costs​
[COMP50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your ability to simplify and automate IT risk assessment
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[DATA20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ingesting data with Azure Data Factory
[DATA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform your data with Azure Data Factory
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[DT01] [SLIDES] Intersectionality: The real diversity superpower
[DYNA10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365: Establish and administer a cross organization business applications strategy
[DYNA20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing: Establish connected Sales and Marketing
[DYNA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service: Establish a proactive service organization
[DYNA40] [VIDEO] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Finance: Modernize finance and supply chain
[DYNA50] [VIDEO] Configuring and managing Dynamics 365 Retail: Enable connected retail
[HOL2021] Applying row-level security to a Power BI dataset
[HOL2022] Creating a Microsoft Power BI Desktop solution
[HOL2023] Developing a Microsoft Power BI composite model
[HOL2024] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 1)
[HOL2025] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 2)
[HOL2026] Exploring DAX in Power BI Desktop (Part 3)
[KEY01] [VIDEO] Vision Keynote
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[MCO11] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Securing Azure IaaS virtual machines
[MCO20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure governance and management
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[MOD20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving your database to Azure
[MOD30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enhancing web applications with cloud intelligence
[MOD40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging and interacting with production applications
[MOD41] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deploying and A/B testing without risks with deployment slots
[MOD50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing delivery of your app via DevOps
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[MSI11] [VIDEO] Top five new features of Windows Server 2019
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[MSI30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating IaaS workloads to Azure
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[MTG50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Host large scale town halls, webinars, and meetings with up to 10,000 attendees with Microsoft Teams live events
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[OPS20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Responding to incidents
[OPS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learning from failure
[OPS40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Deployment practices for greater reliability
[OPS50] [SLIDES] Preparing for growth: Capacity planning and scaling
[POWA10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enabling everyone to digitize apps and processes with Power Apps and the Power Platform
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[POWA30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enable modern analytics and enterprise business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI
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[POWA50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing and supporting Power Apps and Microsoft Flow at scale
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[SECO10] [SLIDES] Secure your enterprise with a strong identity foundation
[SECO20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection: See how we defend against threats like phishing and stop attacks in their tracks across your estate
[SECO30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] End-to-end cloud security for all your XaaS resources
[SECO40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding how the latest Microsoft Information Protection solutions help protect your sensitive data
[SECO50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top ten best security practices for Azure today
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[SRCH30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Project Turing: AI-powered Search for Enterprise
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[STR20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Business process solutions with SharePoint lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Microsoft Flow
[STR30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint updates for teamwork: Sites, pages, lists, and libraries
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[THR1004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] A real-world smart city: How Richmond VA is transforming citizen services
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[THR1007] [SLIDES] Are you struggling with compliance requirements? Microsoft 365 can help!
[THR1008] [VIDEO] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Awards finals: People’s Choice winner
[THR1009] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Business or User Value winner
[THR1010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best User Experience
[THR1011] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best Integration
[THR1012] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award finals: Best Overall App
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[THR1018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The importance of diversity and inclusion in a client focused company
[THR1019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Five steps to driving sustainable SharePoint and Office 365 adoption
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[THR1036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Diversity is more, much more! Living in tech as a Latino who can’t dance
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[THR1045] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Space is what matters: Looking at the core value of mixed reality
[THR1046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Exiting the echo chamber: Expand your influencers and influence
[THR1047R] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The new Microsoft Project: Built for teams (REPEAT)
[THR1047] [VIDEO] The new Microsoft Project: Built for teams
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[THR1050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] No more spreadsheets – assess and manage your IT risks with a risk-based score
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[THR1082R] [VIDEO] Dynamics 365 Business Central embedded in Office 365 (Repeat)
[THR1082] [VIDEO] Dynamics 365 Business Central embedded in Office 365
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[THR1098] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Learn how to navigate and leverage Microsoft AppSource to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365
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[THR2235] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What does modern workplace look like for firstline workers?
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[THR2247] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Infusing intelligence into your Flows using AI Builder
[THR2248] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get beyond POC – Build your custom IoT solution with Azure IoT Central
[THR2249] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drives effective modern collaboration through Champions
[THR2250] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drove employee adoption of OneDrive for Business for content storage
[THR2251] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft empowers employees through self-service collaboration while still protecting the company in Office 365
[THR2252] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft manages its own employee Office 365 tenancy
[THR2253] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Help your users find content and information they need using SharePoint and Microsoft Search
[THR2254] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Integrate devices to your solution quickly with IoT Plug and Play
[THR2255] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to implement automated and intelligent enterprise support using Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Dynamics 365
[THR2256] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Modernizing classic applications with Windows containers
[THR2257] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SAP ABAP SDK for Azure: Integrate SAP applications with Azure SaaS and PaaS services
[THR2258] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Azure and Ansible as a catalyst for digital transformation: The journey from network engineering to network development
[THR2259] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new with Office for the web
[THR2261] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking location intelligence with Azure Maps
[THR2262] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keep it reel with Microsoft’s phishing team
[THR2263] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Never let a crisis go to waste: How the Microsoft Azure team improves from incidents
[THR2264] Microsoft Threat Protection with security CVP Rob Lefferts
[THR2265] Brad Anderson presents unifying device management and taking it to the next level
[THR2266] The three things you wish you knew about, when moving to the cloud
[THR2267] Mark Russinovich presents next generation app development and deployment
[THR2268] Demopalooza III: The latest Office and Windows capabilities with Jack Elmore
[THR2269] Using Microsoft Teams: What’s new and how to get started
[THR2270] Microsoft Teams for IT admins: What’s new and what you need to know with Anne Michels
[THR2271] 3 real life cloud migrations with tips and gotchas from Corey Sanders
[THR2272] Modern data warehousing and analytics
[THR2273] Jeff Teper presents SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office updates
[THR2274] Microsoft Power Platform: Going under the hood of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI with Charles Lamanna
[THR2275] Real life hacks and how to stop them with Windows and Office updates
[THR2276] What’s new in knowledge management
[THR2277] Windows Virtual Desktop updates
[THR2278] Insider risk protection and containment with Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault
[THR2279] Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Search: Complete tour for IT admins and users
[THR2280] Meet SQL Server 2019
[THR2281] Bringing your apps, VMs, and databases to Azure with Azure Migrate
[THR2282] How we built it: Walgreens migration from on premises appliance to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
[THR2283] What’s new for Microsoft 365 admins
[THR2284] Jeffrey Snover goes inside Microsoft 365 internals with the Microsoft Graph and substrate
[THR2285] Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform: Dataflows, AI, and new visualizations
[THR2286] Networking and hybrid connectivity in Azure and beyond with CVP Yousef Khalidi
[THR2287] Surface design, internals, and management with Robin Seiler
[THR2288] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimize Azure spend while maximizing cloud potential
[THR2290] [VIDEO][SLIDES] IBM, Azure, SAP and You – Reduce Risk, Simplify your move to Azure and a New offering from IBM
[THR2292] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New experiences and innovations in Yammer
[THR2293] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How IT can support business functions like corporate communications, HR, and marketing
[THR2294] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building thriving Yammer communities for knowledge sharing
[THR2295] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Experience more immersive meeting rooms with AI on Jabra PanaCast
[THR2296] [VIDEO][SLIDES] User experience updates for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
[THR2297] [SLIDES] New administator experiences in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
[THR2298] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data collection at scale powered by Adobe Sign web forms integration in SharePoint
[THR2299] SQL across infrastructures, your options with Travis Wright
[THR2300] Hybrid updates in Azure with Julia White
[THR2301] Hybrid cloud server infrastructure: Your path to hybrid with Windows Admin Center – latest updates
[THR2307R] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your desktop app DevOps pipeline with Azure DevOps and App Center (Repeat)
[THR2307] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supercharge your desktop app DevOps pipeline with Azure DevOps and App Center
[THR2308] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a better Java Spring App with Azure
[THR2309] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Diagnosing issues with live cloud applications in Microsoft Azure
[THR2310] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Customizing Visual Studio to be more productive
[THR2311] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The art of productivity: Building .NET applications on a mac with Visual Studio for Mac
[THR2312] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Richer code reviews in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code
[THR2313] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build fast, data driven mobile UI with Xamarin.Forms and Visual Studio 2019
[THR2314] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build a better .NET Core Azure Service
[THR2315] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top five new XAML feature you can use today with your WPF/UWP apps
[THR2316] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure CLI Deep Dive for Developers, DevOps and Architects
[THR2317] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Build .NET mobile apps quickly and easily with Xamarin.Forms Shell
[THR2318] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Crafting real-time mobile apps with Xamarin and SignalR
[THR2319] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The perfect match: ASP.NET Core Web API + Xamarin mobile apps
[THR2320] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Craft stunning mobile apps with the Xamarin Visual design system
[THR2321] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Refactoring made easy with IntelliCode
[THR2322] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Display large data sets with Xamarin.Forms CollectionView
[THR2323] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Boosting your Xamarin development productivity
[THR2324] [VIDEO][SLIDES] DevOps for Windows desktop applications with MSIX and Azure DevOps
[THR2326] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Give a modern look and feel to your Windows desktop applications with UWP and XAML Islands
[THR2327] [VIDEO][SLIDES] MSIX for developers: Move your Windows applications forward with UWP features
[THR2328] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Debugging Win 10 UWP application effectively
[THR2330] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Dynamics 365 Commerce reviews and ratings capability
[THR2331] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The Robots are Taking Over! Unlocking Azure AI, Bots, and Digital Assistants for Customer Service
[THR2332] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Strategies for migrating infrastructure monitoring from SCOM to Azure Monitor
[THR2333] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft uses Intune internally to manage Windows devices
[THR2334] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to integrate PaaS, Serverless and Intranet applications to build resilient systems using Azure Event Grid
[THR2335] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New York City 311 system: Going big with Microsoft Dynamics 365
[THR2337] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Four secrets to your successful AI implementation
[THR2343] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Creating an inclusive community event
[THR2344] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using MSIX to simplify application management
[THR2345] [VIDEO][SLIDES] OneDrive Group Policies – not only for the enterprise
[THR2346] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimizing Workforce Itinerary Scheduling and Travel Time with Bing Maps
[THR2350] [VIDEO][SLIDES] 3D isn’t just for the Movies: How to tell a compelling story
[THR2351] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How Microsoft drives a connected data strategy that creates enterprise-wide insights and intelligence
[THR2359] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximize end-user uptime on Surface devices
[THR2360] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Using Surface Pro X in the modern workplace
[THR2361] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Time Series Insights: End-to-end analytics for IoT workloads
[THR2362] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The top three questions customers ask about hybrid cloud adoption (Extended Session)
[THR2371] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keeping the seas safe with modern devices and Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
[THR2377] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bring IT security practices to IoT: How to stop threats and improve security posture
[THR3000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Architecture blueprints for Microsoft Power BI implementation
[THR3001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Applied deep learning: New kind of multimedia content
[THR3002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Bring your own phone numbers to Microsoft Teams globally without any infrastructure needed
[THR3003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] New, fast, and reliable Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets
[THR3004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate everything: Bring self-service to LEGO robots
[THR3005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Sliding laterally: How attackers move through your network
[THR3006] [SLIDES] Delaying a birthday email based on the celebrants local time
[THR3008] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Finding needles in data haystacks: Protecting sensitive information
[THR3009] [VIDEO] Build better form recognizer models with a human feedback loop
[THR3010] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Getting started with Microsoft-built Graph Connectors for Microsoft Search
[THR3011] [VIDEO] Reduce risk with Microsoft 365 access control technologies
[THR3016] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint site analytics and intelligence
[THR3017] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Live on stage: Build an intelligent intranet featuring SharePoint home sites
[THR3018] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Optimize your network connectivity to SharePoint Online
[THR3019] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Project Turing: Get answers in context with semantic search and machine reading comprehension in Microsoft Search
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[THR3024] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Provide a great end user update experience by utilizing Windows Update management policies
[THR3025] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Accelerate app validation against pre-release Windows builds with Update Staging Lab
[THR3026] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Keep it simple: the unified administrative experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager
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[THR3036] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Taming Azure resources using cloud governance and tools
[THR3037] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Moving corporate user data to OneDrive for Business: How hard can it be?
[THR3038] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get to know the new Office Cloud Policy Service
[THR3039] [SLIDES] What’s new in the Office Customization Tool
[THR3040] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams Messaging Extensions deep dive
[THR3041] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building Microsoft Teams apps using Node.js and React
[THR3042] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The importance of Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together
[THR3043] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups PowerShell MasterClass
[THR3044] [VIDEO] Top five things you need to know to optimize your network for Microsoft Teams
[THR3045] [VIDEO] Run your own Windows Insider Program with Group Policy and Intune
[THR3046] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Run your own Windows Insider Program with WSUS and Configuration Manager
[THR3047] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Making an Azure connected greenhouse in less than US$100!
[THR3048] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Threats in the wild: Detecting on-premises threats with Azure Advanced Threat Protection
[THR3049] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protect against waves of email attacks – Introducing campaign views in Office 365 ATP
[THR3050] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Compromise is co$$$$tly! Detect account compromise early and stop the attackers in their tracks with O365 ATP
[THR3052] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Detecting cloud native attacks and automating remediation
[THR3053] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Securing AWS and Google Cloud Platform
[THR3054] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protecting any app – in the cloud and on-premises
[THR3055] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Giving you the upper hand in combating web threats with Microsoft Defender ATP
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[THR3065] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Application proxy: The hidden gem of Microsoft 365
[THR3066] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Ninja skills on migration projects: On-premises to Azure in three steps
[THR3067] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Know your data: Top five tips and tricks to better understand your sensitive data landscape
[THR3068] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Top five best practices to accelerate your deployment of Microsoft Information Protection solutions
[THR3069] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Tips and tricks for branding your SharePoint sites
[THR3070] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Rethinking reliability and health for OneDrive Sync
[THR3071] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Transform internal communications with SharePoint news
[THR3072] [VIDEO] Live on stage: Schedule and produce a live event
[THR3073] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Demystifying Windows 10 Dynamic Update
[THR3074] [VIDEO][SLIDES] MSIX app attach: The future of app delivery in virtual environments
[THR3076] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Get the most out of passwordless authentication and avoid pitfalls
[THR3078] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrate to modern authentication with Azure Active Directory
[THR3079] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Govern access for employees and partners with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance
[THR3080] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Gain fine-grained access controls of your administrative roles with Azure Active Directory custom roles
[THR3081] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating from Device Admin to Android Enterprise with Microsoft Intune
[THR3082] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Protect against phishing and other cyberthreats with Microsoft 365 Business
[THR3083] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Office 365 Groups: Ask us anything
[THR3084] [VIDEO] Microsoft 365 admin: Ask us anything
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[THR3086] [VIDEO][SLIDES] NBD: Training ML models with Microsoft Graph data connect
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[THR3089] [VIDEO] Building great push notifications for your Microsoft 365 users
[THR3090] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Third-party party single-sign-on in Office Add-ins
[THR3091] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Gain Efficiencies in Security Response with ServiceNow and Azure Sentinel Integration powered by Microsoft Graph
[THR3092] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new in Power BI embedded analytics
[THR3095] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unified PowerShell experience for Microsoft Graph – preview
[THR3096] [VIDEO][SLIDES] The future of content lifecycle management in Power BI
[THR3097] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure SQL Database managed instance disaster recovery architecture best practices
[THR3107] [VIDEO] Accelerating your onboarding to Microsoft Teams
[THR3108] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Azure Migrate: The next evolution
[THR3109] [VIDEO] Azure VMware Solutions: How to run native VMware workloads in Azure
[THR3110] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Big data processing with Spark and .NET
[THR3111] [VIDEO][SLIDES] GA launch of IPv6 for Azure VNETs
[THR3112] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Integrated support for Linux on Azure workloads overview
[THR3113] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Maximizing ROI in SQL Data Warehouse with enhanced workload management
[THR3114] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrate and protect your production applications running on Azure Disks
[THR3115] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Healthy Teamwork and moving the needle on Productivity
[THR3116] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streaming data with Azure Event Hubs and Kafka
[THR3117] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Understanding and deploying Windows 10, version 1909
[THR3118] [VIDEO] Unparalleled ways that Microsoft makes data sharing flexible, safe, and astonishingly simple
[THR3119] [VIDEO][SLIDES] What’s new with Azure Data Lake Storage
[THR3120] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building a golden image pipeline
[THR3121] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building your own deployer machine
[THR3122] [VIDEO] C# 8: Nullable Reference Types
[THR3123] [VIDEO] C# 8: The good parts
[THR3124] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Machine learning with Python using serverless Azure Functions
[THR3125] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Azure: PowerShell secrets management
[THR3126] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Reducing time to development of SAP solutions by 100x with Azure Logic Apps
[THR3127] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Serverless Kubernetes with Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
[THR3128] [VIDEO] Time series and machine learning with Azure Data Explorer
[THR3129] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unlocking AI insights from your video using Video Indexer
[THR3130] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Building open standards based autonomous drones with Dronecode and AirSim
[THR3131] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Enhance performance with AIOps in Azure
[THR3132] CANCELED: Search and find content across 100 languages
[THR3133] [VIDEO] Staying productive with Azure data developer tooling
[THR3134] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Extend mobile threat protection to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users
[THR3135] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C
[THR3136] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamline your business processes and development with Azure Active Directory APIs in Microsoft Graph
[THR3138] [VIDEO][SLIDES] How to optimize Azure infrastructure in 20 minutes and 10 steps
[THR3139] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Identifying and remediating critical insider risks and policy violations
[THR3140] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power Platform: Unlocking Common Data Model
[THR3141] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for POS
[THR3142] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SOAR! What is it good for? Absolutely everything.
[THR3143] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Choices, choices: Using Unicode in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database
[THR3144] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Delivering better application experience on Azure using Citrix ADC and SD-WAN
[THR3145] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Power BI Desktop: Data exploration, analysis, and storytelling
[THR3147] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Secure architecting (for Azure) 2.0: CSPM with ML and predictive analytics
[THR3148] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Supervisor experiences in omnichannel
[THR3149] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate workflows using Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Teams
[THR3150] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #CYaaS and Get Compliance-Ready with Office 365
[THR3151] [VIDEO][SLIDES] #CYaaS and STOP Ransomware! Make Your Microsoft-Powered Multi-Cloud Strategy Bulletproof
[THR3152] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Streamlined deployment of specialized devices
[THR3154] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Activating your App from the Cloud
[THR3155] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Lessons learned from open-sourcing Windows Calculator
[THR3156] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Migrating Existing .NET Framework WPF and Windows Forms applications to .NET Core
[THR3157] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Test and debug MSIX apps remotely using Windows Device Portal
[THR3158] [VIDEO][SLIDES] BEC: The inner-workings of West African cybercriminal gangs
[THR3166] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Data handling for the machine learning process using Azure Machine Learning datasets
[THR4000] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Hands on with the new Microsoft Search API in the Microsoft Graph
[THR4001] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Automate your tasks with Project, Planner, and Microsoft Flow
[THR4002] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Solving Windows 10 feature updates in a multilingual deployment
[THR4003] [VIDEO][SLIDES] SharePoint architecture behind the scenes
[THR4004] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Microsoft Teams: Real-world troubleshooting
[THR4005] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Single sign on in Microsoft Teams
[THR4006] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Run Python in production without compromising your security
[THR4007] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
[THR4008] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
[THR4009] [VIDEO] Microsoft Learn Game Show – attend, learn, and win!
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[TK03] [VIDEO] Microsoft’s roadmap for security, compliance, and identity
[TK04] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Unleashing your organization’s creativity and innovation with a deep dive into the Microsoft Power Platform
[TK05] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Application Dev Keynote
[TMS10] [VIDEO] What’s new with Microsoft Teams: The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365
[TMS20] [VIDEO] Intelligent communications in Microsoft Teams
[TMS30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Designing your path from Skype for Business to Teams: Start Here!
[TMS40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing Microsoft Teams effectively
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[UNC1001] Microsoft Power BI unconference
[UNC1002] Power Platform for the CRM person
[UNC1003] Ask me anything: How to organize a community-focused event
[UNC1004] Embracing and fostering tech intensity to benefit society and thrive in a digital world
[UNC1005] Software update for IoT devices: Best practices
[UNC1006] Do’s and don’ts for on-boarding and end-user adoption of Microsoft 365
[UNC1007] Let enterprise social support you in your change and adoption journey
[UNC1008] Let’s stop training end users and start helping them at their moment of need
[UNC1009] Helping users deal with organizational change
[UNC1010] Achieving zero downtime deployments with Azure DevOps and Kubernetes
[UNC1011] Let’s talk about Microsoft Teams: How to structure and build your Team
[UNC1012] Building your career in IT by using the skills you may already have
[UNC1013] Accessibility in the Microsoft Power Platform
[UNC1014] Community heroes unite: MVPs unplugged
[UNC1015] Podcasting tips and tricks: Sharing your knowledge through audio and video
[UNC1016] Survival tips for the independent IT consultant
[UNC1017] Women in Technology leadership roundtable
[UNC1018] What was the best win in Microsoft Teams in your organization
[UNC1019] [SLIDES] One value: Breaking silos of knowledge and communications
[UNC1020] Tactics for learning Azure PowerShell
[UNC1021] Using Innovation Games to gather requirements
[UNC1022] Sharing experiences: In the end, how do we put our stuff in production?
[UNC1023] User groups and IT communities: Surviving through technologies
[UNC1024] Top five best practices for a server admin after moving to Azure
[UNC1025] Why IoT projects fail
[UNC1026] Process automation and you: Measuring automation
[UNC1027] Starting (and sustaining) a user group
[UNC1028] Idea swap: Using Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to improve user adoption
[UNC1029] Solopreneur to entrepreneur: Growing your consulting business beyond just you
[UNC1030] Office 365 roll out imagination fest: What is the ideal roadmap for introducing apps into companies?
[UNC1031] Diversity and inclusion quick starts for beginners, newbies, and doers
[UNC1032] Microsoft 365 adoption vs consumption: Is there a difference & what are the feedback | reporting mechanisms we could be using to measure success?
[UNC1033] IoT loves Azure Functions! What is your experience with serverless and IoT?
[UNC1034] Building tech communities: Tips, no-tricks, and lessons learned running one of the largest SharePoint Saturday events for over 10 years
[UNC1035] Enabling human-centric computing with Microsoft technologies, today
[UNC1036] How to run inclusive events: An organizer’s top tips
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[UNC1038] Time management for the IT professional
[UNC1039] How to build and run a security operations center
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[UNC1041] Azure SQL Database flavors: How to choose the right one for my scenario
[UNC1042] Building your tech community at home
[UNC1043] Developing interactive sessions to connect with your audience
[UNC1044] Public Speaking: A few ways Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Azure can make you a better speaker
[UNC1045] Supercharging and tackling your ADHD with Office 365
[UNC1046] Building inclusive communities and resilient selves
[UNC1047] Purposeful mentorship: Unleashing extraordinary leadership capacity
[UNC1048] Women IT pro workshop: Building Community
[UNC1049] Balancing family and career: Can you have it all?
[VCE10] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Calling in Microsoft Teams
[VCE20] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Updates for Direct Routing
[VCE30] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Managing your Microsoft Voice Environment
[VCE40] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Compliance Recording and Microsoft Teams
[VCE50] [VIDEO][SLIDES] Contact centers and Microsoft Teams
[WRK1000] [SLIDES] Power BI Data modeling fundamentals
[WRK1001] [SLIDES] Delivering a real-time Microsoft Power BI dashboard with the REST API
[WRK1003] [SLIDES] Getting started with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, core functionality
[WRK1004] [SLIDES] Hands-on with Microsoft Power Apps and Azure
[WRK1005] [SLIDES] CANCELED: Analyze customer service feedback with Forms Pro and Flow
[WRK1006] [SLIDES] Connected Field Service and IoT Central
[WRK1007] [SLIDES] Microsoft Power Apps hands-on: Application Lifecycle Management on the Microsoft Power Platform
[WRK1008] Microsoft Power Apps: Hands on with AI Builder, a new capability that makes artificial intelligence easy to add within the Microsoft Power Platform
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[WRK2005] High speed blockchain: Tips and tricks for high productivity w/Azure Blockchain Service and Visual Studio Code
[WRK2006] [SLIDES] Analyzing real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL
[WRK2007] [SLIDES] Building full-stack C# web apps with Blazor in .NET Core 3.0
[WRK2008] [SLIDES] Running WordPress applications on Azure App Service
[WRK2009] Workflow automation from GitHub Actions to Azure
[WRK2010] [SLIDES] Leverage automated machine learning to quickstart your model building process
[WRK2011] [SLIDES] Discover, assess, and migrate servers and databases with Azure Migrate
[WRK2013] Hands-on with Azure Databricks Delta Lake
[WRK2014] [SLIDES] Build your first campaign with Dynamics 365 Marketing
[WRK3000] Behavior driven recommendations with the Azure personalization service powered by reinforcement learning
[WRK3001] [SLIDES] Microsoft Bot Framework workshop: Build a bot with Bot Framework Composer
[WRK3002R] Hands-on with migrating to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using DMS (REPEAT)
[WRK3003] Power your hybrid environment with Windows Admin Center and Azure
[WRK3004] [SLIDES] Migrate an existing RDS environment to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure
[WRK3006] Managing Azure Kubernetes Service: What you need to know about day two operations
[WRK3007] [SLIDES] Back to the future: Accelerating the cloud migration of legacy SSIS with Azure Data Factory
[WRK3008R] [SLIDES] Getting started with co-management workloads REPEAT
[WRK3008] [SLIDES] Getting started with co-management workloads
[WRK3010R2] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Repeat)
[WRK3010R] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP) (Repeat)
[WRK3010] [SLIDES] Deploying Microsoft Information Protection technologies to protect sensitive data: Azure Information Protection (AIP)
[WRK3011] Modernize .NET apps with serverless functions
[WRK3012] Getting started with infrastructure as code for Azure with ARM Templates
[WRK3014] [SLIDES] Getting started with Azure governance workshop
[WRK3015] Private PaaS with Private Link and DNS integration
[WRK3017] [SLIDES] Accelerating natural language processing development with Azure Machine Learning
[WRK3018] [SLIDES] Accelerating recommendation system development with Azure Machine Learning
[WRK3019] Deploying and Managing Windows and Office in a Modern World
[WRK3022R2] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security (Repeat)
[WRK3022R] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security (Repeat)
[WRK3022] Protect Office 365 and third-party cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security
[WRK3023] [SLIDES] Unlock deep understanding across all your content with Azure AI knowledge mining solutions (Part 1)
[WRK3024R] [SLIDES] Use the cloud to configure group policy on Windows 10 devices with ADMX templates and Microsoft Intune (Repeat)
[WRK3024] [SLIDES] Use the cloud to configure group policy on Windows 10 devices with ADMX templates and Microsoft Intune
[WRK3025] Getting started with highly secure IoT devices with Azure Sphere
[WRK3026R2] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Repeat)
[WRK3026R] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Repeat)
[WRK3026] [SLIDES] Attack discovery and investigation with Azure Advanced Threat Protection
[WRK3027R2] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3027R] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3027] Meeting security and governance requirements with Microsoft Teams
[WRK3028R2] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive (Repeat)
[WRK3028R] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive (Repeat)
[WRK3028] Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection deep dive
[WRK3029R2] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R3] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R4] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029R] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory (Repeat)
[WRK3029] [SLIDES] Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory
[WRK3030R2] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R3] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R4] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030R] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams (Repeat)
[WRK3030] [SLIDES] Upgrade from Skype to Microsoft Teams
[WRK3031] [SLIDES] GPU accelerated IoT workloads at the edge
[WRK3032] [SLIDES] Unlock deep understanding across all your content with Azure AI knowledge mining solutions (Part 2)
[WRK3033R2] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM (Repeat)
[WRK3033R] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM (Repeat)
[WRK3033] [SLIDES] Investigate and respond to events with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM
[WRK3034R2] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R3] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R4] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034R] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin (Repeat)
[WRK3034] A day in the life of a Microsoft Teams admin
[WRK3035] Hands-on building advanced canvas apps over the Common Data Service
[WRK3036R] [SLIDES] Microsoft Surface modern manageability (Repeat)
[WRK3036] Microsoft Surface modern manageability
[WRK4000] [SLIDES] Build solutions powered by real-time analytics using Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Data Explorer
[WRK4001] [SLIDES] Building an End-to-end Analytics Pipeline with Azure Synapse Analytics
[WRK4002] Data integration using Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Share
[] Developing cloud native applications
[] Journey to Microsoft Teams
[] Deploying, managing, and servicing Windows, Office and all your devices
[] Developing integrations and workflows for your productivity applications
[] IT administrator’s guide to managing productivity in the cloud
[] Configuring and deploying security and identity solutions
[] Microsoft Dynamics 365
[] Azure fundamentals
[] Developer’s guide to AI
[] Improving reliability through modern operations practices
[] Managing cloud operations
[] Modernizing web applications and data
[] Securing your organization
[] Meeting organizational compliance requirements
[] Deploying voice in Microsoft Teams
[] Transforming productivity with intelligent search
[] Power Platform
[] Content collaboration, communication, and engagement in the intelligent workplace
[] Get the most out of online meetings with Microsoft Teams
[] Microsoft 365 adoption and change management
[] Streamline workflows in Microsoft 365

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